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Recap: Discover our Q1 2024 Major Features


29 Mar 2024 Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

As we step into the second quarter of 2024, it's the perfect moment to look back and marvel at the strides we've made at Batch to enhance our clients’ customer engagement strategy.

The first quarter of 2024 brought a dozen of significant enhancements across the four pillars of the Batch Customer Engagement Platform:

  • Cross-Channel Messaging, which centralises the personalisation and distribution of your communications across all your channels;
  • Marketing Automation, which automates the segmentation, orchestration and optimisation of your customer journeys;
  • Single Customer View, which collects your marketing data from all sources and centralises it on your unified customer profiles;
  • MarTech Integrations, which natively integrates Batch with the other technology solutions in your marketing stack.

Here's a summary of these Q1 2024 major feature releases.


Cross Channel Messaging major releases


Our enhancements in Cross-Channel Messaging aim to provide a more cohesive and impactful communication strategy across different channels.

Email analytics Improvements

These enhancements - that provide more detailed analysis of email campaign performance, enabling users to fine-tune their strategies for better engagement and delivery results - include:

  • Clicks per URL to identify the most engaging links in emails - read more;
  • Bounce Historisation to provide insight into delivery health dynamics - more details;
  • Email Bounce Reporting by mailbox provider that provides insight into the unique requirements of each provider (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Apple, etc.) - more details.

Android Push: mandatory migration to FCM HTTP v1 API

To support the mandatory migration to the FCM HTTP v1 API before Google Firebase deprecates the FCM legacy APIs on June 20th, 2024, Batch provides detailed guidance for a smooth transition, ensuring Android push notification functionality.

This move to the newer API brings enhanced security through OAuth2 access tokens and centralises access to credentials via Google Cloud, aimed at offering uninterrupted push delivery for Batch Android Push users - read more info in the Release Note.

Marketing Automation major releases


The first quarter of 2024 saw groundbreaking improvements to our Marketing Automation offerings, each designed to offer more scalability, control, precision, and creativity in the Batch Automations and Campaigns.

Yes/No Split for Email Trigger Automations

This algorithm-based marketing automation release uses Profile data to guide users through different scenario branches based on specific conditions. This critical enhancement enables the creation of more sophisticated and personalised CRM scenarios without complicating the user experience within the Batch dashboard. It includes the ability to seamlessly branch based on user attributes, such as premium status - more details in the Release Note.

Random Split in Automation Builder

This Random Split allows contacts to be split into random groups for advanced testing and control group creation.

This tool facilitates multi-dimensional testing across various elements such as message series, timing, content and channels, allowing for comprehensive comparisons and effectiveness assessments of different engagement strategies - more details in the Release Note.

Email Campaigns API

An important update for Batch technical users: this feature allows Email Campaigns to be sent via API calls. This API supports CMS integrations by allowing the full HTML of emails to be passed in the payload, which is particularly useful for Batch media customers.

It supports both immediate and scheduled sending, covers marketing and transactional use cases, and manages sending in both local time and UTC - more details in the Release Note.

Save incomplete Automations

This feature allows users to save incomplete Automations by simply naming them. This enhancement facilitates more efficient workflow management, enabling optimisation and collaboration without the risk of losing progress due to interruptions.

This specifically supports the deployment of Multistep Email Trigger Automations, improving efficiency, quality control and collaboration - more details in the Release Note.

Quiet Hours for Email Trigger Automations

This feature enables setting specific times when emails will not be sent, providing greater control over the delivery times of Email Automations.

This ensures messages reach recipients at optimal times, improving engagement rates, enhancing brand perception, and reducing the likelihood of unsubscribes - more details in the Release Note.

Replicate omnichannel Campaigns and Automations across Projects

For Batch users, this feature saves time and minimises manual errors. This feature is useful for key use cases, such as the switch from testing to live environments, but also for Batch customers with large and/or complex organisations (i.e. managing different brands or geographical teams within the same entity) - more details in the Release Note.

Single Customer View major releases


As a reminder, the Single Customer View pillar aims to centralise all marketing data into an unified customer view, enabling personalised communications across all channels.

These following enhancements provide greater flexibility and capability in targeting and data management, enabling more precise and efficient user engagement across platforms.

Export API to export your Profile base

This feature allows our clients to autonomously export their profile base, enhancing integration with MarTech solutions such as BI tools and analytics platforms.

This feature aims to break down siloed data architectures, offering a more efficient and cost-effective process for data synchronisation and integration - more details in the Release Note.

Batch's Web SDK V4

This last version introduces significant enhancements including Shopify support, the ability to set attributes on omnichannel profiles for both anonymous and logged-in users, an option to disable GeoIP usage, simplified migrations from previous web push providers, and the ability to send rich events - more details in the Release Note.

MarTech Integrations major releases


The MarTech Integrations form the fourth pillar of the Batch Customer Engagement Platform, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate Batch with other marketing solutions in their MarTech stack.

These enhancements are always designed to streamline their integration process with other key solutions in your MarTech stack, offering significant advancements in audience synchronisation and data management capabilities.

Amplitude integration expansion

Following the Amplitude Cohorts synchronisation with Batch, Amplitude & Batch released a new Batch (Profile) Integration that facilitates seamless audience synchronisation for omnichannel Projects by leveraging Amplitude-built Cohorts segments directly within Batch.

This addition is especially beneficial for clients utilising both Batch and Amplitude, enhancing targeting precision in Email Campaigns and Automations.

Extended CDP Integrations

These CDP integrations are geared towards optimising your marketing efforts by ensuring a more cohesive and data-informed approach to customer engagement across platforms.

  • DinMo: Batch has been integrated as a destination in the DinMo CDP, allowing for the direct transfer of custom data attributes - via Custom Audience (API) - to enhance your audience insights - for detailed implementation guidance, see documentation.
  • ZeoTap: similarly, Batch's integration with ZeoTap CDP enables brands to push selected audiences to Batch, leveraging Custom ID (API) to enriching custom audience Profiles for more targeted engagement - for detailed implementation guidance, see documentation.

Upcoming in Q2 2024: Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) v3 Integration

Ending Q1 on a high note, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the Batch x Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) v3 integration. Set to launch in Q2 2024, this upgrade introduces powerful features designed to elevate your marketing campaigns, including amongst others:

  • Multilingual campaign support: easily create and manage campaigns in multiple languages, ensuring a global reach and engagement.
  • Campaign code registration: Directly register campaign codes from data activity, streamlining campaign tracking and analytics.
  • Advanced mobile landing creation: Utilise data activity to craft webview-type mobile landing pages, enhancing user experience on mobile devices.
  • Capping management: Implement label-based capping strategies to optimise campaign exposure and efficiency.

Stay tuned for these exciting coming enhancements!

Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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