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Web Push notifications: a fantastic engagement channel

Although launched several years ago, web push notifications are still under-used. However, they constitute a powerful channel for taking your engagement rates sky high!

What are Web Push notifications?

Web Push notifications can be sent from a brand to its customers and prospects on their desktop and mobile web browsers.

Currently, only 3% of sites use them!*


The advantages of Web Push notifications

Web Push technology works on both desktop computers and mobile devices, however traffic comes predominantly from mobile devices.

Engage with your users

  • Send your users notifications when their web browser is open, even when inactive.

  • Make the most of single opt-ins to quickly create new addressable databases.

  • Engage with prospects even when anonymous, without requiring their email address or other contact information.

  • Don’t worry about consent issues, which are fully managed by the browser, and a 100% cookie-free channel.

Web Push notifications in a few figures

  • Visit rates 15 times higher than with email marketing

  • A mean opt-in rate of between 5 and 15%, depending on the industry

  • On the web, the most contextual Push notifications can achieve 20% clickthrough rates. The more targeted the message, the more it is relevant.


Reach your targets on their main screens - desktops and mobiles

  • Display notifications in the upper or lower right-hand corner on the desktop screen, just like mobile App Push notifications

  • Use Web Push notifications suitable for browsers and the receiving OS.

  • Make the most of notifications that support rich formats on Chrome - which accounts for 70% of the browser market.

  • Use various formats for each browser, and images of your customisations.


Make the most of a fully ROI-focused channel

  • Assess the economic impact on the whole conversion funnel.

  • Use the opt-in trigger technology that makes all the difference. 

  • Optimise your opt-in rate by 60% compared to the market.

With Batch, the French DIY firm Castorama acquired a new addressable database of nearly 2 million contacts in only 3 months!


Want to have a channel that can be activated in less than an hour?

Batch saves you time!

“We are very happy with the platform’s user-friendliness, but more importantly, with the constant support in terms of answering our questions, implementing new features and rolling out our app push, Web Push and In-App notification traffic strategies”.
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La Redoute

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