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Highlights: Product Keynote #2 (H1 2024)


29 Jan 2024 Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

The second edition of our Product Keynote took place at the end of January.

This is a very special moment for our teams and customers who want to get a feel for our Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform latest innovations.

Our product team shared the latest progress on our roadmap, before giving customers an exclusive look at what we'll be delivering over the coming months.

On the agenda for this recap:

  • A recap of 2023, which has been a banner year for Batch, making the reinvention of Batch as an omnichannel customer engagement platform all the more concrete;
  • Our product roadmapping methodology, which enabled our product, engineering and design teams to deliver 68 new features in 2023 (including 22 major ones) by prioritising more than 750 customer feedbacks (i.e. 3 per day);
  • The main new products across the four pillars of the platform: Cross-Channel Messaging, Marketing Automation, Single Customer View, and MarTech Integrations.

Product Keynote Video Highlights

To discover the highlights of our latest product keynote, here's a six-minute video summary (with English subtitles):

2023, the year of Batch's Omnichannel acceleration

2023 was an exceptional year for Batch, with overall business growth of 32% and a net retention rate (NRR) of 122%.


In addition to renewing key partnerships, we gained the confidence of over fifty new customers. We strengthened our position in the DACH market, where we now generate a significant proportion of our revenue.

At a strategic level, Batch has focused on measuring customer satisfaction by launching Net Promoter Score (NPS) campaigns, reflecting our strong commitment to quality customer service.

Finally, Batch continues to strengthen its community presence with nearly forty events, exhibitions and webinars, paving the way for an equally exciting 2024.


How to deliver 68 product innovations in 12 months: Batch CPO's roadmap methodology

Antoine Guénard, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Batch, shared Batch's product roadmapping philosophy.

The day-to-day implementation of this philosophy has enabled the product, engineering and design teams to deliver nearly 70 new features, including 22 major features, in response to over 750 customer feedback requests.

The philosophy is based on three guiding principles:

  1. Building for the whole organisation: Batch aims to develop solutions that fit into a variety of organisational structures, taking into account the specific needs of the different players within those organisations, both Hero Personas (CRM professionals and executives) and Allies Personas (technical, product, legal).
  2. Think Big: Batch's ambition is to become a central hub for all customer communications by adopting a long-term vision for the development of its products.
  3. Act Small: Batch is committed to delivering tangible results in the short and medium term without losing sight of its global vision.

Roadmapping Methodology: Batch uses a roadmapping methodology that combines customer feedback, data analysis and user interviews to identify and prioritise features to be developed.

This approach allows us to remain agile, respond quickly to emerging needs and incorporate relevant innovations. The Productboard tool is used to centralise feedback and weight decisions, with quarterly planning to remain flexible and responsive.


Communication and Transparency: Finally, Batch's commitment to transparency is reflected in the regular communication of product developments through our various communication channels (Blog, Beamer, LinkedIn).

This openness to our user community is critical to maintaining trust and fostering collaboration and continuous innovation.

Cross-Channel Messaging major releases


As a reminder, the raison d'être of this Cross-Channel Messaging pillar is to enable you to centralise, personalise and distribute your communications across all your CRM channels, from the same interface and under the best possible conditions.

The major innovations in this pillar delivered over the last six months include:

Marketing Automation major releases


The aim of this Marketing Automation pillar is to enable Batch customers to automate, segment and orchestrate all their customer engagement scenarios across all channels with maximum efficiency.

The top three marketing automation innovations in the second half of 2023 were:

Single Customer View major releases


The purpose of the Single Customer View pillar is to centralise all your marketing data into a single customer view, enabling personalised communications across all channels.

The three major Single Customer View innovations in the first half of the year were:

MarTech Integrations major updates


The MarTech Integrations are the fourth pillar of the Batch Customer Engagement Platform, enabling all our customers to natively integrate Batch with the other marketing solutions in their MarTech stack.

At the Product Keynote, we showcased the new integration with the Piano Suite, as well as new versions of the SFCM, Segment and Amplitude integrations.

Other Product Improvements


To find out what other new products have been launched in recent months, we invite you to discover those for the second half of 2023:

Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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