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Omnichannel CRM: what is the Batch Profile?

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5 Jul 2023 Written by Claire Zunda

On the Batch platform, a Profile is the compilation of user data and events from several sources (apps, websites, APIs) that are enriched and updated in real time.

Each Profile also stores emails and email subscriptions associated with a user. Profiles thus enable the Batch Data Platform to operate in real-time complex and cross-channel CRM scenarios.

This brief post explains why and how we’ve been building this core omnichannel feature.

The Profile feature is Batch's omnichannel data model cornerstone

Before we walk you through all the new Profile features’ main use cases and benefits, let’s take a little step back.

To make Batch’s omnichannel pivot strategy a reality, our tech and product teams had to completely overhaul our data model.

This initial data model was incredibly relevant for our previous mobile-centric engagement platform as it established a clear separation between Android, iOS and web users, by storing their data in silos. But we had to completely transform this data model.

Integrating a new channel like emailing was not the only challenge we faced. We sought to break down these data silos, enabling unified user data exploitation, regardless of their collection source or the CRM channel.

This is how we came up with Profiles.

  • Server-side and client-side support: Profiles are fed with data coming from all users’ interactions. You can enrich a Profile using our SDK methods or our APIs depending on the use case or your technical architecture. Our expertise on client-side data collection allows us to manage anonymous profiles that you can reach with personalised communications, as well as logged in users.
  • Identity Resolution: Batch leverages first-party data that has been provided by customers to unify device-level data to unique customer Profiles with 100% confidence.
  • Profile view: this is an essential representation of these Profiles, where tech teams and marketing teams can collaborate around data quality, debugging and find opportunities to enrich Profiles.

Benefits: Profiles are critical game-changers for both CRM and IT teams

All user actions are consolidated within these Profiles whether they come from a mobile phone, the back-end via our APIs, or from your other marketing tools via connectors.

In terms of use cases and customer benefits, Profiles enable you to:

  • manage very large volumes of data in real time. From collection to activation through reconciliation and ingestion, Profiles are always up to date, meaning you can quickly react to events and user behaviours;
  • create multi-touch user journeys. For instance, let's consider the abandoned cart scenario. With Batch, if a customer adds an item to their online cart and doesn't purchase it immediately, you can schedule an email reminder two days later. However, if they buy the item on the web, mobile or in store in the meantime, our omnichannel data model will automatically cancel the reminder. This ensures that only appropriate reminders are sent.


Who can benefit from this feature? All of Batch's omnichannel customers.

What’s the cost of this feature, and how can we activate it? Contact your Customer Success Manager or email for more information.

Claire Zunda

Senior Product Manager @ Batch

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