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Introducing the Multistep Email Trigger Automations


12 Dec 2023 · Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

We're excited to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our customer engagement platform: the Multistep Email Trigger Automations.

This orchestration update empowers your Email Automations management, offering a seamless and intuitive user interface to craft sophisticated email sequences.

This product enhancement epitomises Batch’s forward-thinking vision to marketing automation: optimising the balance between intuitiveness and powerful capabilities in our CRM solutions.

This also paves the way for more upcoming advanced orchestration features, with more elaborate decision logics and multi-channel integrations.

What’s new?

In the past: building a multistep email sequence required setting up multiple individual trigger automations for each step.

Now: with our new Batch interface, our clients can easily orchestrate a series of emails in a single, streamlined flow.

In terms of functional updates:

  • Automation behaviour: Add multiple message steps in a single Automation, with easy-to-set delays ensuring perfect timing.
  • Flexible delays: Tailor the timing of each email, with up to 30 days per delay step.
  • Advanced reporting: Gain better insights with enhanced reporting, offering detailed metrics for each step of your Automation.
  • Refined automation settings: this includes a variety of orchestration mechanisms (Capping, Grace Period settings, Multi Triggers, etc.).

Batch clients’ CRM benefits

This feature optimises CRM teams’ daily strategy execution, enabling:

  • Simplified email sequence management: Manage elaborated email sequences in a single interface, reducing complexity and improving efficiency.
  • Enhanced messaging control and coherence: Greater control over your email sequences, ensuring precise timing and coordination of messages.
  • Time-efficiency: Drastically reduce the time spent setting up and managing email sequences.

Uses cases: optimised Welcome & Post-Order sequences

Any sequence starting with an event and followed by N messages with delays between them benefit from this Multistep feature. This is specifically the case for Welcome and Post-Order/Booking/Registration sequences.

Use Case #1: Welcome Sequences

You can smoothly guide new users through your onboarding process with seamlessly timed emails.

Batch allows you to exit people from automations at each delay step thanks to the Cancellation Events feature. It will wait for specific events to potentially exit people from automations if they happen.

For example, for an onboarding flow on a banking platform, we can consider that a customer that has fully created its profile and used the platform every day for 7 days is onboarded and should no longer receive onboarding messages.

The Capping feature can also limit the number of times an automation can engage a person and Grace Period feature can help limit how frequently a person enters a multistep automation.

Use Case #2: Post-Order/Booking/Registration Sequences

To keep users engaged with perfectly timed post-order, post-booking or post-registration communications, multistep automations are also helpful, used in conjunction with Batch’s multi-trigger feature.

Multi-trigger help to ensure that automations do not conflict. To do this, the automation checks a parameter passed in the event (order ID, reservation ID, etc.) to potentially parallel N automations. In other words, if a person books four journeys on the same day on a train booking website, Batch will ensure that the person enters four parallel automations that do not conflict with each other.


Who can benefit from this new feature? All customers with an omnichannel licence will be allowed to use the feature.

How much does this feature cost? This feature is available at no extra cost on all omnichannel plans.

How do we activate this new feature? Contact or directly your Customer Success Manager.

Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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