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Q4 2023 Minor Improvements


5 Jan 2024 · Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

In addition to the major innovations announced in the last three months, here are the other product improvements of the quarter.


  • Targeting: estimated reach for email is now more reactive.
  • The condition(s) filter is not case sensitive anymore, to allow more accuracy in search.


  • Email Trigger Automations: you can now add labels in message steps to have a clearer description of what the messages are.
  • Campaign Builder: the “Is one of” and “is not one of” options have been added to the country and language criteria to open up more targeting horizons.

Email Composer

  • We added a pop-up alert confirm box to prevent our users from losing email content unexpectedly.
  • You can now insert dynamic content on the email subject through the {...} button that opens the personalisation helper modal. As a no-code personalisation tool, you don’t need to write anything.
  • The Read only view is available for sent Email Campaigns and Recurring Automations. You can now:
    1. Preview email in mobile, send tests, and preview dynamic content;
    2. Open read-only Email Composer and view HTML for both editing options (Drag & Drop/HTML) to optimise deliverability (perform spam tests, check the HTML quality, etc.).
  • The Email Preview height is extended for Email Campaigns and recurring automations, to avoid too much scrolling.

  • The last used email address is now automatically saved in the Send a test feature, this will help you gain time.



  • Sender ID is now displayed in the Email Settings, for API use.
  • Custom Feedback ID is added to the email header (for Postmaster tools) to quickly get a more granular vision of your spam sources, identifying campaigns in your traffic that are getting a high volume of complaints from Gmail users (more info in the Gmail Help article on their Feedback Loop).
Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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