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Replicate Omnichannel Automations & Campaigns across Projects


26 Mar 2024 · Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

New Marketing Automation innovation: Batch users’ can replicate their Omnichannel Campaigns and Automations across Projects.

This innovation is very useful for Batch users who are using a staging / pre-production Project before fully deploying the Batch solution in a live production Project for their day to day Automations and Campaigns management operations.

Automating the replication across different Projects has two main benefits for the Batch users, who will:

  • save a significant amount of time;
  • reduce the risk of errors associated with “manual” replication.

What’s new?

As a reminder, a Project is a unified workspace within the Batch Dashboard that can group multiple channels (App Push, In-app - both Android and iOS - Web Push, Email, SMS), allowing the creation of Automations and Campaigns that work across these platforms. This setup is done through the Batch Admin Console:

Projects allow clients to manage their campaigns more effectively.

Before: It was only possible to automate the duplication of Campaigns and Automations within the same Project, but not from one Project to another.

Now: Omnichannel Campaigns and Automations can be duplicated across Projects.

Use case: make your transition from Test to Live Prod environment faster and error-free

This feature is helpful for new Batch customers who are starting to use the Batch platform.

In their pre-production phase, they usually create dozens of preprod Automations and Campaigns to test the key aspects of it such as triggering events and message templates.

To do this, they create in the Batch Dashboard, a staging / pre-production Project - often labeled [DEV] - to test websites and software applications in conditions as close as possible to reality, without compromising the organization's live data or disrupting its operations.

Once the tests are fully successful, they move to the live production Project where all Batch CRM Marketing users will run their daily Automations and Campaigns.

This is where this feature comes in: you are now in the capacity to automate the replication of Campaigns and Automations from the pre-production to live production Projects, saving a significant amount of time and reducing the risk of making “manual” mistakes.

Functional reminder

To replicate Automations and Campaigns across Projects, Batch users have two intuitive options: both from the Automation / Campaigns Lists and the Automation / Campaign Builder:

Option #1 : from the Automations / Campaigns list

In this option, you need to click on the “...” button on the right side of the selected Campaign / Automation. Then on the short drop-down menu click on “Replicate”:


As soon as you click on "Replicate", a pop-up form shows you all the Projects in which you can duplicate your Automation / Campaign.


Select the Project to which you want to replicate your Automation / Campaign, then click on the "Replicate to this/these project(s)" button to immediately perform its replication(s).

Option #2 : from the Campaign / Automation Builder

In this option, the Batch users just need to click on the “...” button, available on your Batch Dashboard, on the top right corner of all Batch Campaigns and Automations. Then on the drop-down menu, click on “Replicate”.


Once you click on “Replicate”, a popup listing the different Projects to select for automated replication is displayed.


Select the Project to which you want to replicate your Automation / Campaign, then click on the "Replicate to this/these project(s)" button to immediatly execute its replication(s).

Feature Plan & Pricing

All Batch customers with an Omnichannel licence can use this feature at no extra cost with automatic activation.

Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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