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Design your campaigns in only 3 minutes

Want to spend more time on your job rather than on setting up tools?

With Batch, create and execute your marketing campaigns in no time at all!

Simple to implement, user-friendly and powerful - ideal for putting all your effort into your CRM strategies and creating engaging campaigns.

You just have to manage your performance, innovate and let your creativity bloom!

24S x Batch: Triggers represent 40 to 50% of 24S' push revenue

We deployed the Trigger campaign scenarios within a week with Batch, and it was quite impressive to set them up right after integrating their solution. These Triggers represent 40 to 50% of 24S' push revenue. And that's in particular thanks to Batch's features such as cancellation events, capping mode that we use a lot, or personalization in our messages.

Jules Meinvielle

CRM Manager, 24S (LVMH)

A (really) powerful marketing automation platform

Easy to implement and master.

A smooth, optimal marketer experience, designed with everyone in mind.

All your data is accessible and actionable in real time, via a platform connected to your other solutions.

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In practice: A few figures

2 to 5 days
of implementation

data lookback

3 min
to create a campaign

Batch, more than a simple solution

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Onboarding, training and continuous support

from expert and passionate teams

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Simple, intuitive ergonomics

for all business profiles

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Features tailored to your current and future needs

co-built with and for our users

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An omnichannel platform

for simple and seamless all-round customer management

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A connection to market solutions

for smooth and efficient interoperability

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