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Web SDK update - v4.0 is out! 📦


8 Jan 2024 Written by Claire Zunda

Version 4.0 of the Batch Web SDK is now available 🎉!

What’s new? Five major improvements:

  • Shopify support;
  • Setting attributes on omnichannel Profiles from the Batch Web SDK for both anonymous and logged-in users;
  • Disable GeoIP use: our clients have control on the use of geo IP to guess the native attribute city. Compatible with install based data model;
  • Web Push migrations: easier transitions from the previous Web Push provider to Batch;
  • Rich events: Batch’s users can now send richer events (e.g with objects), aligning our data capabilities with the Batch Profile API.

Find the complete changelog here.

Functional reminders

  • Setting attributes on omnichannel Profiles: Batch’s users can send user data to Batch from their backend (server-side, using the Batch APIs) or from their mobile apps and websites (client-side, using the Batch SDKs). This release unlocks the ability to set client-side attributes on Profiles with Web SDK methods and target those attributes for emails. It's also compatible with the install-based data model.
  • Disabling GeoIP use: in the SDK setup object, Batch’s users can allow or disallow the use of geo IP (default: disallowed) depending on user consent.
  • Shopify support: this is enabled by a new way of configuring the service worker implementation: see here.
  • Web Push migrations: Batch’s users can have one service worker per provider.


  • Set attributes on omnichannel Profiles from Web SDK Before: no targeting on client-side attributes for email. Now: clients can set attributes from SDK methods on Profiles, they are available for email targeting.

  • Disabling GeoIP use Before: Batch’s users couldn’t start the Batch Web SDK without allowing Batch to use GeoIP to guess the user's city. Now: users can both start the Batch Web SDK and disable GeoIP use.

  • Shopify support Before: Not all Batch’s users with Shopify websites could implement the Batch Web SDK. Now: even if the Batch user runs the frontend of their website on Shopify, they can implement the Batch Web SDK.

  • Facilitate Web Push migrations Before: 2 push providers had to share the same service worker. Now: you can register a service worker dedicated to Batch so there are no strange interactions. It is still possible to unregister the token for the former provider if needed.

  • Rich events Before: An event could hold 15 additional attributes and 10 tags. Now: Events can now hold more complex data, including objects and arrays of objects. This improvement paves the way for more sophisticated use cases later, such as multi-product personalisation.


Who can benefit from this last Web SDK version?

Every Batch client can implement Web SDK 4.0 at no extra cost. Still, keep in mind that setting attributes on Profiles and rich events are only useful for omnichannel implementations.

How do we activate this Web SDK last update?

This is a breaking change and requires an update of Batch web SDK implementation from our clients (with a developer, or the person who can update the tag manager of their website). For more information, follow our migration guide.

Claire Zunda

Senior Product Manager @ Batch

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