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Yes, feature-to-feature comparisons are great — but have you tried our comprehensive offering, our unique success methodology and our ability to deliver on our clients value drivers consistently?

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Value Drivers

Our clients choose Batch for 3 core reasons
Drive Growth & Generate Predictable Revenue image

Drive Growth & Generate Predictable Revenue

Create Formidable End-user Experiences image

Create Formidable End-user Experiences

Work More Efficiently, Happily and Save Time image

Work More Efficiently, Happily and Save Time

Meet our success framework

Our Top 10 Differentiators

Combined, they’re at the heart of the success framework that delivers an average 600% ROI for our clients.



A unified, crossplatform solution that handles the technical complexity and lets you focus on business.

Full technical support and best-in-class documentation for seamless integration.

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Connects With Every

Other Solutions

Packaged integrations with 50+ MarTech partners (CRM, CDP, Analytics, Data).

Open APIs for 100% of our features making it easy to connect in & out of Batch.

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<p>Connects With Every</p>

<p>Other Solutions</p>

A Platform to Drive

Measurable Revenue

Average ROI of 600% with average CAC payback for Batch under 1-3 months.

Measurable economic impact for all outgoing campaigns.

Forecast your Batch ROI
<p>A Platform to Drive</p>

<p>Measurable Revenue</p>

From Simple to

Sophisticated CRM

Unified solution for Editorial, Transactional & Marketing Automation Workflows.

From simple batch & blast campaigns to hyperpersonal trigger-based automation

Discover advanced automation
<p>From Simple to</p>

<p>Sophisticated CRM</p>

Truly Mobile-First

and Easy to Implement

Robust and open-sourced SDKs used by over 10,000 apps & sites globally.

Real-time data model design to meet mobile challenges supporting both anonymous & logged-in user profiles.

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<p>Truly Mobile-First</p>

<p>and Easy to Implement</p>

Best-In-Class Delivery

Speed & Quality 

Speed up to 1M engagement messages per minute and per app.

Best-in-class delivery rate globally and typical three-nines uptime.

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<p>Best-In-Class Delivery</p>

<p>Speed &amp; Quality&nbsp;</p>


Enterprise-ready for all teams: Marketing, Data, Tech & DPO.

Built to meet the requirements of global organizations.

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Built In Security

and Data Privacy

Resilient Europe-based self-hosted bare-metal hosting of all end-user data.

Regularly-pentested infrastructure & Privacy Center.

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<p>Built In Security</p>

<p>and Data Privacy</p>

Continuous Innovation

~10 new releases monthly based on a 12-months planified product roadmap and >800 tracked & priorized feature requests.

Yearly SDK updates to match the strategic evolutions of web & mobile OSes.

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<p>Continuous Innovation</p>

Best Support

You’ll Ever Get

Real-time Live Chat-based support system in 5 languages with >94% CSAT scoring.

First response time under 3 min & >96% ticket resolution in less than 1h.

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<p>Best Support</p>

<p>You&rsquo;ll Ever Get</p>

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