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Why choose Batch?

Yes, feature-to-feature comparisons are great — but have you tried our comprehensive offering, our unique success methodology and our ability to deliver on our clients value drivers consistently?

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Batch’s key differentiators

Our clients choose Batch for 3 core reasons
Time-saving Simplicity: 6-weeks Average Time-to-Value image

Time-saving Simplicity: 6-weeks Average Time-to-Value

Leverage all your data to enrich your customers’ experience image

Leverage all your data to enrich your customers’ experience

Radical  Data Privacy: It’s all on EU soil. Physically. (Plus we’re a French company). image

Radical Data Privacy: It’s all on EU soil. Physically. (Plus we’re a French company).

Meet our success framework

Our Top 10 Differentiators

Combined, they’re at the heart of the success framework that delivers an average 600% ROI for our clients.

Batch guarantees ROI

Average ROI of 600% with average CAC payback for Batch under 1-3 months.

Measurable economic impact for all outgoing campaigns.

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A unified, crossplatform solution that handles the technical complexity and lets you focus on business.

Full technical support and best-in-class documentation for seamless integration.

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Connects With Every

Other Solutions

Pre-packaged integrations with MarTech solutions on the market (CRM, CDP, Analytics, Data Platform, etc.).

A wide choice of APIs to connect Batch independently and export all the data.

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Batch - Create simple and sophisticated CRM workflows

One-shot campaigns, but also complex automated scenarios

A unique solution for your editorial and trigger campaigns and your transactional messages.

Discover how the engagement rate of our customers' campaigns takes off with Batch
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Batch is truly Mobile-First and easy to integrate

A modern data model, capable of reconciling anonymous and logged-in profiles.

Ultra-robust open-source SDKs used by more than 10,000 applications and sites worldwide.

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Flawless deliverability

Deliverability rate in excess of 99% on all channels, and all devices.

500 billion push notifications and in-app messages sent per year.

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Batch is Enterprise-Ready

A platform designed to meet the needs and prerequisites of all your teams – Marketing, Data, Tech & DPO.

Built to meet the requirements of global organizations.

A response to the requirements of large companies: rights management, security, SLAs, support, etc.
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Batch is completely compliant

Hosted in Europe with direct access to hosted data.

Regularly-pentested infrastructure & Privacy Center.

A regularly audited, "pen-tested" infrastructure & Privacy Center for DPOs
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Batch focuses on continuous innovation

~10 new releases monthly based on a 12-months planified product roadmap and >800 tracked & priorized feature requests.

Yearly SDK updates to match the strategic evolutions of web & mobile OSes.

Latest new features
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Batch offers very responsive and very friendly support

Technical & business support by "Live Chat" for ultra-reactive answers (-2 min).

More than 95% of queries processed within an hour.

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