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Yes/No Split for Email Trigger Automations


25 Jan 2024 · Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Major marketing automation release: Thanks to the brand new Yes/No Split for Email Trigger Automations leveraging Profiles data, Batch can now set up complex flows.

By sending their users to different scenario branches based on Profiles conditions, our customers can unlock a wide variety of sophisticated and personalised CRM scenarios without losing the simplicity of the Batch Dashboard.

Functional details

The Yes/No Split leverages all Profiles data to split the workflow into 2 branches:

  • Yes, the people match to the condition;
  • No, they don’t.

Let’s take the example: here the split will depend on whether the users are Premium ones or not.

NB: We have also added a mini-map on the bottom right showing the full automation and a button to zoom in/out and fit to screen on the bottom left. You can take a look at a sample or any Batch Dashboard with the email channel enabled.

Use cases

In a single automation, it’s now possible to offer different experiences to different audiences. For example:

  • Premium and standard customers can have a different post-purchase experiences;
  • Events (purchases, registrations, visits, etc.) can be used to tailor onboarding experiences and suggested offers.

Feature Plan & Pricing

All Batch customers with an Omnichannel license will be able to use this feature at no extra cost with automatic activation.

Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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