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2 Oct 2023 Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

As the third quarter of 2023 draws to a close, it's time to take a look back at all of our major product innovations and how they impact your everyday life.

On the menu:

  • Profile Squad: the brand new Profile API as the backbone of our omnichannel CRM platform, as well as improvements to the user experience and unified profile view (new analytics’ insights, profile searching actions);
  • Engage Squad: email campaign orchestration optimised for both deliverability, targeting and process scaling.
  • Messaging Squad: enhanced personalisation and experimentation capabilities (A/B testing, dynamic content) on mobile channels (push app, in-app) and analytics views on the email channel.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you why our platform is divided into three squads, and share other minor innovations and the Batch SDK latest available version (1.20).

Follow us on the tour!

Profile Squad

As a reminder, the Profile Squad mission is to centralise all your customer data so that you can communicate in a personalised way across every channel.

Real-time data collection and processing: brand new Profile API available

This Profile API, now available for all clients using Projects, enables your IT CRM teams to:

  • set custom attributes on profiles;
  • set email address;
  • set email subscription status;
  • set language, region, timezone;
  • track events.

By enabling to set data and track events directly on your Profiles - i.e the compilation of user data and events from several sources (apps, websites, APIs) that is enriched and updated in real time - the Profile API is a key element in streamlining omnichannel (email, in-app, app push, web push, sms) implementations.

Your benefits

There are two main ones:

1. No more duplicated API calls for iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Send data once and it’s ready to use for all channels.

2. Simplified API management. One API endpoint allows you to set native and custom attributes, and track events.

New Email reach granular insights

New metrics are available in the Analytics section of the dashboard (Analytics > Email section):

  • Number of profiles;
  • Number of profiles with an email address;
  • Information on the subscription status of profiles, which breaks down your email reach (subscribed, unsubscribed, known).

To understand your email reach in more detail, please read this helpdesk article.

Your benefits

These new insights will help you to refine your customer base’s understanding, and also detect potential anomalies.

Profile View dashboard: find profiles via emails

This feature allows Batch dashboard users to find a profile with an email address, whereas previously this could only be done via a Custom User ID or Installation ID.

A simple but massive time saving search action!

Your benefit

Easier experience research means more CRM productivity, especially for our non-technical users.

Engage Squad

The Engage Squad mission is simple: enabling you to orchestrate all of your customer engagement scenarios on all your channels efficiently.

Targeted Audiences for email communications

This feature allows you to create Audiences via both APIs and the Batch Dashboard.

In your email orchestration processes, this is relevant in two opposing use cases:

  • targeting audiences created in other solutions (top buyers, VIP customers, etc.);
  • avoiding targeting certain specific audiences (control group, etc.).

Attributes associated with the audiences created can also be used for personalisation purposes (to display a promo code, etc.).

Your benefit

By simplifying the process of including or excluding your specific profiles, this feature is designed to solve your email targeting and personalisation challenges.

Advanced segmentation: target emails to your most engaged profiles

The Batch customers using Email channel can now target their mailings based on email engagement, via two key parameters:

  • last email click date;
  • last email opened date.

It’s actually possible to take into account clicks and opens on all email sent (e.g. including transactional ones) or only on marketing ones.

This feature works for both Email Campaigns and Automations.

Your benefit

Focusing your emails on the most engaged people will definitely improve deliverability performance.

Messaging Squad

The messaging squad mission is to enable you to activate all your channels from the same interface, under the best possible conditions.

A/B Test: experiment with push images and deeplinks 🧪

New improvements made on experimentation capabilities:

  • Add A/B Testing on push images to your content optimisation routines;
  • Add different deep links/URLs in each version.
Your benefits

As an A/B Testing capacity, this feature provides better client insight and data-driven decision making that improves your personalised customer experience.

In-app action buttons: add dynamic content 🎁

New enhancements to messaging personalization capabilities! Our customers using In-app and mobile landings can now add dynamic data to:

  • button actions, personalising deeplinks, promo code to copy/paste;
  • In-app WebView URL.

Some specific use cases:

  • Redirect to a dynamic section of the app (e.g. user’s favourite product category, classifieds screen, favourite podcast);
  • Copy/paste a personalised promo code to the clipboard ;
  • Personalise the In-app webview URL to display user or event attributes in the Webview (for mobile landings).
Your benefits

More relevant messages and interactions, for better conversion and engagement rates.

Keep a close eye on your email KPIs 📊

We’ve enhanced the analytics page, now available for email campaigns and automations. Two main use cases for your CRM management in this specific channel:

  • Monitor key email metrics with engagement and delivery metrics;
  • Get a real-time update on your email sends, with bounce details and sources.

Batch clients can now see the breakdown of Soft, Hard, Block bounces statistics for a campaign or automation.

This is how we define each type of bounces:

  • Soft bounces are temporary ones;
  • Block bounces are the most alarming type of bounce;
  • High hard bounce rate is due to poor recipient list cleaning (customer allowing fake or invalid email addresses during account creation).

For more details on the differences between these 3 types of bounces, please read the Email Analytics Glossary.

If you’ve identified cases where bounces seem abnormally high, you can check more granular data with Bounce Reasons.

Bounce Reasons is a lower level of bounce feedback provided by mailbox providers, that helps us better assess the issue to get those emails delivered next time. Some bounce reasons are inevitable (the end user's mailbox is full, invalid email address), but some are definitely important to dig into.

Your benefits

More insights on email campaigns and automations, especially on the delivery KPIs, means more autonomy, productivity and creativity in your email campaigns and automations management.

SDK update - v1.20 is live 📦

See the full changelog for iOS (link) and Android (link).



Improved images display in Android rich notifications. The SDK automatically optimises the image display to maximise the available space and avoid cropping.


  • Font size adapts to user preferences;
  • iOS: Deeplinks are supported for apps built in pure SwiftUI;
  • Opening a landing page from the Inbox is fully supported.


Added new methods have been added to set an email address and manage email subscription from your app.


This version of the SDK officially supports Android 14 and drops support for iOS 11.

Other Q3 2023 innovations

User Experience

  • All dashboard list filters and date pickers have been redesigned for a improved usability;
  • Planned icon colour has been changed for more clarity.

Performance improvements

  • Drastic improvements of all Batch Campaigns and Automations tab list display speed;
  • Improved push buffering when using Delivery Rate Management.

Targeting - global

  • Targeting queries can now be copied to the clipboard in the new Push Campaign Builder, in Email Automations and Email Campaigns;
  • Start and end date hours and minutes are now autofilled in Email Automations, Email Campaigns and Push Campaign Builder.

Targeting - Email

  • Email domain targeting now has “start with” and “do not start with” operators
  • The choice to target all emails or only opted-in emails is now made in targeting UI in Email Trigger Automations. It was previously in the automations’ message modal.
  • Multi-triggers, which already exist for push notifications, are now available for Email Trigger Automations.

Message composition

  • Email Composer: a new UI for setting up conditional dynamic content;
  • Email Composer: preview can now simulate opening on a mobile device.
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