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What is Splio?

Splio enables marketers to retain their customers, personalize communications and rethink customer relationship management with our Omnichannel Loyalty Marketing Platform that combines marketing automation, loyalty marketing, WeChat and mobile wallet marketing. Using a 360-degree view, marketers can manage transaction-based & relationshipbased Loyalty programs, interact & engage in real-time and orchestrate marketing campaigns.

Splio helps brands adapt to New Loyalty, with both points-based and relationship-based programs, to acquire, reactivate and engage their customers and boost their revenue. Thanks to the acquisition of Mobile Wallet Marketing solution Gowento, brands can also use mobile wallets, such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay, to interact and engage with their customers, enabling them to digitalize the Loyalty card, send Wallet push notifications, and trigger geotagged and personalized notifications across all points of sale.

Why should you connect Splio?

Take advantage of Splio Audiences in your Mobile CRM

Audiences built on Splio can be transferred to Batch in the form of Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences are available as a segmentation criteria in your standard Batch targeting engine.