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Connect Batch to Adjust

Improve your mobile targeting using Attribution data.

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What is Adjust?

Adjust is the industry leader in mobile measurement and fraud prevention. The globally operating company provides high-quality analytics, measurement and fraud prevention solutions for mobile app marketers worldwide, enabling them to make smarter, faster marketing decisions. Adjust is a marketing partner with all major platforms, including Facebook, Google, Snap, Twitter, Line, and Tencent. In total, more than 25,000 apps have implemented Adjust’s solutions to improve their performance.

Founded in 2012, today Adjust has global offices in Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, São Paulo, Paris, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai and Singapore.

Why should you connect Adjust?

Improve your CRM segmentation with Attribution data

Attribution data measured by Adjust can be collected by Batch's SDK as a [Custom Attribute], thus will be available for your campaign targeting. You will be able to send a specific message to users having installed the app from a specific campaign.