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Connect Batch to Amplitude

Measure your campaign metrics and take meaningful decisions in your CRM strategy.

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What is Amplitude?

Amplitude's solution is a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy as they allow marketers to easily measure the effects of their acquisition and engagement campaigns. It also provides quantity of useful metrics to analyse the behaviour of users and to cluster them into relevant targeting groups for further engagement.

Amplitude enables marketers to better understand their userbase and create more relevant segmentation to boost their ROI and reduce their churn and marketing fatigue.


Why should you connect Amplitude?

Improve your CRM reporting

Batch campaign openings can be transferred to Amplitude's solution for analytics and segmentation purposes. Traffic coming from your push campaigns will be clearly traceable within the Amplitude's conversion funnel analysis so it can be quickly compared to other engagement channels and winning scenarios easily targeted.

Take advantage of your Analytics segmentation in your Mobile CRM

Audiences built on Amplitude can be automatically sent to Batch in the form of Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences are available as a segmentation criteria in your standard Batch targeting engine.