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Connect Batch to Selligent

Add Batch notifications to your multichannel strategies

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What is Selligent?

Selligent solution is a part in brands' marketing stack as it allows CRM teams to operate not only push notifications but extra engagement channels such as mail or SMS. This allow marketers to manage their whole CRM strategy from a platform, allowing a fine tuning of marketing pressure and customer journeys.


Connect Selligent

Leverage all available channels together

This connector allow Batch customers to send their campaign seamlessly from Selligent. Doing so, they will be able to combine mobile engagement via push notifications to support ticketing, sms, emails, to create relevant segmentation and interesting campaigns for their users.

Batch will also share native attributes (like push optin state) to Selligent to improve segmentation on any medium.

Improve your CRM reporting

Batch will send Selligent all campaigns results for automation and analytics purposes, so Batch customers can easily compare different channels performance in a single interface.