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Native attributes for advanced email personalisation


27 Nov 2023 · Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

New exciting product improvement regarding our email personalisation capacities!

Batch customers can now personalise emails with native attributes: custom user ID, email address, campaign token, email marketing status, profile region, profile timezone.

With these native attributes, Batch's clients can add a new level of personalisation to their email campaigns, from refining subscription management to expanding advertising options with dynamic content.

Let's explore this new feature, covering its functional reminders, use cases, and CRM benefits.

What’s new?

  • Before: Personalisation on native attributes for the email channel was not possible.
  • Now: Our customers can seamlessly personalise their emails using a range of native attributes, including custom user ID, email address, campaign token, email marketing status, profile region, and timezone.

How does it work?

  • Dynamic Content Integration: These attributes can be dynamically incorporated into your email templates, image URLs, tracking parameters on links, or even used as variables in conditional statements.
  • Easy Implementation: Add these attributes with ease using the dynamic content modal in the email composer.

Main use cases

Amongst the large range of use cases this feature unlocks, we identify these ones:

  1. Enhanced Email Footers: display email address in the email footer, strengthening credibility and personalisation. With {{b.email_address}} you can send "This email is sent to because you are a Batch customer."

  2. Campaign Analysis: with {{b.campaign_token}}, you can track and monitor campaign effectiveness with tracking parameters for both Campaigns and Automations.

  3. Profile Level Dynamic Image: with {{b.custom_id}}, improve your personalisation with services like Movable Ink or Reelevant to display images tailored to each user. This is relevant for some advertising use cases such as displaying personalised ads in the email body.

Your CRM benefits

For our valuable customers, this feature brings enhanced personalisation to their email channel CRM, comparable to the capabilities found in Batch push notifications.


Who can benefit from this feature? Omnichannel clients sending emails (or any channels added on Batch’s profile-based data model).

Plans & pricing: what's the cost of this feature? If you have an omnichannel licence, you can enjoy this feature with no additional costs.

How to activate this feature? No activation required, this feature is instantly available if the email channel is part of your plan.

Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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