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When personalization rhymes with massive commitment by Sarenza

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25 Nov 2022 · Written by Batch

After two years of partnership with Batch, Marine DAHAN (Head of CRM, Sarenza) and Manon PARMENTIER (CRM Manager, Sarenza) relate how they successfully deployed an effective omnichannel loyalty strategy, from implementation to campaign management, all with autonomous CRM teams.

At Sarenza, the human element is at the heart of the strategy: email is an important channel for building customer loyalty, but it is no longer enough to engage them on a long-term basis.

30% of our Opt-In Push Apps are not Opt-In to our emails. This proves that Push Apps allow us to reach new customers and communicate with them in a simple way ", explains Marine DAHAN, Head of CRM at Sarenza.

With more than 130 million Pushes sent in 2 years by Sarenza, the Web Push has become a privileged channel of amplification for Sarenza, and has obtained an Opt-In rate more than twice the market average 🤩

In this video :

00:35 : Introduction of Sarenza
02:25 : Loyalty issues and needs of Sarenza's CRM team
07:58 : Personalization of Push campaigns : the impact of the Trigger orchestration
09:22 : Optimizing personalization with the Adobe connector
11:02 : Batch x Tinyclues interoperability for more segmentation
12:10: Upcoming interoperabilities: Reelevant & Notify
14:04 : In-App and Web Push loyalty tactics
18:21 : Conclusion after two years of Batch x Sarenza partnership

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