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The best Push campaigns by 24S

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22 Dec 2022 Written by Batch

Discover the best Push campaigns of 24S

From the animation of the 24s loyalty card to the relaunching of baskets and abandoned products, Jules MEINVIELLE, CRM Manager at 24S, shared the top 3 of the best campaigns of the brand, during the first edition of the Batchelor Club last July.

Campaigns that perform, with concrete results: 150€ increase in the value of the average shopping basket in 2021. 😍.

In this video:

00:39 - Introduction and Background
02:43 - Campaign 1: 24S Loyalty Card Animation
06:27 - Trigger orchestration, its quick implementation, and its impact on 24S revenues
06:59 - Campaign 2: Revival of abandoned carts
08:00 - Campaign 3: Abandoned Products Recovery

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