Client Story: boost 24S' sales with ultra-personalized push campaigns

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16 Dec 2022 • Rédigé par Batch

During our intervention at One to One Monaco last March, Wandrille LEFEBVRE, CRM & Performance Marketing Director at 24S, related how ultra-personalized campaigns boosted 24S' sales in just one year of partnership with Batch.

This is the strength of Batch, which allowed us to set up Triggers campaigns quickly," says Wandrille.

The use of Trigger campaigns allow the brand to automatically send personalized messages based on targeted events. And within 12 months, these campaigns helped the brand boost its revenue by 20% 🚀.

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In this video:

00:17 - Context
00:31 - 24S x Batch: a lever for rapid growth
00:42 - Use Cases: Opt-out, Surveys, Retention
00:57 - Batch's strengths: simple integration, Trigger
01:30 - Results after 1 year: +20% turnover, +150€ average basket

Business case: How ultra personalized campaigns boosted 24S revenues by +20%

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