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Introducing the Batch Profile API

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5 Oct 2023 · Written by Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Here at Batch, we’re very excited to announce a game-changing enhancement: the Profile API, aka our most powerful data ingestion API to date.

The Profile API allows developers to remotely set data and track events on Profiles using just one API call.

As a reminder, Profiles are Batch’s new way of indexing identity-level user data: from 2022, Profile-based data model has been gradually replacing our legacy Install-based data model, enabling our clients to use Batch as their primary CRM.

The launch of the Profile API represents a significant milestone in our quest for a next-generation customer engagement platform. It greatly streamlines implementations and significantly enhances the utilisation of Profiles.

Why Profile API?

The decision to develop the Profile API was driven by our commitment to improve the omnichannel experience for our clients.

Customer feedback made it clear that there was a pressing need for a solution to simplify these data ingestion processes.

So what's new?

  1. It's now possible to send data through the Profile API with just one API call per project, making it instantly accessible across all channels.

  2. Attributes (such as email addresses and subscription status) can be set and events can be tracked for all platforms using a single API endpoint.

  3. The Profile-based data platform and Install-based data platform are seamlessly compatible.

  4. We are also enhancing events data by supporting objects and arrays of objects.

What are the main benefits for Batch customers?

Before, onboarding data using the Profile-based data model required multiple API calls resulting in unwanted overhead and occasional data discrepancies. This new release solves this:

Improved data ingestion capabilities

  • Before: Three API calls were required to update an attribute (e.g. first name) on iOS, Android and web.
  • Now: You can send data once using the Profile API and it will be instantly available on all channels (same for events).

Unified endpoint

  • Before: You had to use the Custom Data API, Trigger Events API and Email Subscriptions API separately.
  • Now: You can use the Profile API to set attributes and track events.

Faster workflows

  • Before: To send an email immediately after email subscription, developers had to add a timeout between email subscription and event tracking (or CRM managers had to add a timer in the relevant automation).
  • Now: We guarantee attribute indexing before events, so you can simply create automations immediately after email subscription, with no additional developer effort.

Increased data depth for events

  • Before: An event could hold a maximum of 15 additional attributes and 10 tags at the root level.
  • Now: Events can now hold more complex data, including objects and arrays of objects.


Who can use this feature? Any Batch customer who requires server-side data ingestion in their implementation architecture using the Profile-based data model.

Plans & Pricing: what’s the cost of this feature? The Profile API is a valuable tool available at no additional cost.

How do we activate this feature? Contact your Customer Success Manager or email for more information.

Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

Product Marketing Manager @ Batch

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