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RougeGorge: Push Web campaigns as a lever for customer engagement

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21 Dec 2022 Written by Aurélie Tisserand

On the occasion of our first Breakfast At Batch, Claire KEMPKA, CRM Project Manager at RougeGorge Lingerie, shared with our community, her different use cases of Batch's Trigger orchestration for her Web Push campaigns.

In short, the two main scenarios used by RougeGorge:

  • the welcome and onboarding sequence, which creates a link with new customers on the site,
  • the recovery of forgotten baskets, which makes it possible to encourage all users, including those we don't know, to stay in the conversion tunnel and continue their purchases!

In this video :

00:06 - RougeGorge issues
00:14 - Use Cases
01:46 - Web triggers

Aurélie Tisserand

Digital Marketing Manager @ Batch

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