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How BVG increased its number of MAUs by 5 in 12 months?

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19 Dec 2022 · Written by Batch

During our intervention at the app promotion summit in Berlin,Julia ROITSCH, CRM Managerin at Jelbi and Simon DAWLAT, CEO at Batch told How BVG Jelbi Differentiates Itself in the Berlin MaaS Market While Achieving 5x MAU Growth in just one year of partnership with Batch.

Julia Roitsch, explains how BVG Jelbi has managed to :

Differenciate themselves in a very competitive Mobility as a Service market in Berlin; Overcome their major CRM constraints, including harsh Data Privacy requirements; x5 MAU growth in twelve months with a CRM team of 1.

In this video :

00:00: Introduction by Simon DAWLAT, CEO and co-founder of Batch.
05:24: BVG & Jelbi, in short.
07:57: BVG Jelbi's Top CRM challenges.
11:32: Focus on Data Privacy requirements.
17:06: BVG Jelbi x Batch: the uplift after 12 months.
21:10: BVG Jelbi's Customer Journey Campaigns (Onboarding, Retention, Upsell, Experience Feedback, etc.).
26:29: Next BVG x Batch milestones, from Mobile-First to Omnichannel.

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