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Mobile SDK Updates – Version 2.0 for Android & iOS Released!


24 May 2024 · Written by Claire Zunda

Mobile SDKs are vital for Batch clients: they enable the display of push notifications, In-app messages, the collection of attributes, event tracking, and more.

Our engineering and product teams are constantly enhancing our state-of-the-art, lightweight SDKs, not only to add features, but also to improve developer experience.

What’s new?

Six key enhancements have been made to improve data collection and privacy management.

See the full changelogs here: iOS/Android.

Feed Profiles with client-side attributes

  • Before: Only push channel could use client-side attributes for targeting & personalization
  • Now: All channels, including email and SMS can use client-side attributes for targeting & personalization

Stop collecting device model, device brand and geoIP by default

  • Before: If a client wanted to disable geoIP collection, they had to completely disable the SDK.
  • Now: More granularity, you can disable and enable the collection of these attributes while keeping the Batch SDK enabled in the app.

Native attributes: collect region, language, timezones from SDK on Profiles

  • Before: These native attributes could only be sent via API or from Web SDK for profiles
  • Now: They are now automatically collected from mobile SDKs.

Advertising ID support is dropped

  • Before: It was possible to track an Advertising ID (GAID/IDFA).
  • Now: Advertising IDs are no longer collected.

Rich events

  • Before: An event could hold 15 extra attributes and 10 tags.
  • After: Events can now hold more complex data, including objects and arrays of objects.

Vision Pro support (push)

  • Before: Batch SDK could not handle push notifications for Vision Pro apps.
  • After: Batch SDK can display push notifications for Vision Pro apps (no In-app messages).

Who can implement these SDKs?

Your tech team and/or development agency.

Here are some useful links for implementing the SDKs:

Plans and pricing

No specific plans or pricing, available to all Batch customers on any channel or licence.

Claire Zunda

Senior Product Manager @ Batch

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