Data Centralisation, Scalability & Real-Time, Connectivity, Compliance: discover the Batch Data Platform pillars

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15 Sep 2023 • Rédigé par Claire Zunda

For the past 8 years, Batch has been helping CRM and Tech teams develop and execute their customer engagement strategies.

We’ve been working with 400+ clients, and the more we help them achieve their goals, the more we come to the same conclusion: data management is the critical foundation that can make or break a customer engagement strategy.

Our product and tech teams at Batch are purposefully working on building the most effective data platform to cater all customer engagement needs. Let’s introduce the Batch Data Platform pillars:

  • Connectivity;
  • User Data Centralisation;
  • Real-Time & Scalability, from Data Collection to Action;
  • Data Sovereignty & Compliance.

You want to know more about them? Let’s have a read!

Pillar #1: Batch Connectivity


When Batch was founded in 2015, the world of CRM solutions was very different from today: on-premises solutions were the norm and mobile technologies were still emerging.

Vendor lock-in created significant barriers to switching between CRM solutions, trapping businesses within the confines of a particular vendor's ecosystem and limiting their ability to explore alternative options.

From the outset, we believed that a modern customer engagement platform needed to integrate seamlessly with your technology stack and other marketing tools.

Brands should stay with their customer engagement platform because it best meets their needs, not because the cost of switching is too high.


We know that implementation is not only part of the Batch experience, but that good implementation is the key to unlocking the Batch value for our customers.

Developer experience is at the heart of everything we do, and we prove it through continuous delivery:

  • World class SDKs: Batch SDKs are messaging tools that allow to display push notifications and In-App messages, but they’re also a powerful data collection tool for Batch. SDKs are sensitive pieces of technology to distribute as they are directly implemented in your apps. Stability is at the center of mobile developer’s preoccupation and an unstable SDK will make your app crash. Today, Batch mobile SDK is implemented in more than 1K apps in production (across all verticals: media, finance, retail…) and Google recognized the quality of Batch’s Android SDK.

  • A robust set of APIs: We develop Rest APIs that allow you to collect and export data, but also plan communications. It means that Batch communicates with every piece of your data ecosystem. All of our APIs are thoroughly and publicly documented via this link.

  • Native connectors to your Martech solutions: On average, Batch's clients use 6 different Martech solutions. Linking these different tools does not need to land on your tech roadmap: Batch natively connects with 45+ martech tools, and we’re always working on new connections.

Pillar #2: user data centralisation

It’s impossible to properly execute relevant engagement strategies without real-time customer knowledge.

To address this need, we developed Profiles.


Profiles are Batch Data Platform’s central pillar: the compilation of user data and events from all data sources that is enriched and updated in real time.

  • Server-side and client-side support: Profiles are fed with data coming from all users’ interactions. You can enrich a Profile using our SDK methods or our APIs depending on the use case or your technical architecture. Our expertise on client-side data collection allows us to manage anonymous profiles that you can reach with personalised communications, as well as logged in users.
  • Identity Resolution: Batch leverages first-party data that has been provided by customers to unify device-level data to unique customer Profiles with 100% confidence.
  • Profile view: this is an essential representation of these Profiles, where tech teams and marketing teams can collaborate around data quality, debugging and find opportunities to enrich Profiles.

Pillar #3: Real-time and scalability, from data collection to action

To make sure Batch can answer your organization’s needs for scalability, the Batch data platform articulate three key elements that work together:

  • High-Volume Data Handling: Leveraging robust Queuing Kafka and Cassandra/NoSQL storage, our system proficiently ingests and processes high-volume data streams. We process 3000 SDK requests and 2000 API updates every second.
  • Efficient Automation: Our automations are backed by a powerful state engine that enables rich capabilities such as parallel automation management, automatic restart, capping, etc. All while maintaining real-time performance.
  • Dynamic Segmentation and Personalisation: Through on-the-fly segmentation, our platform empowers brands to dynamically segment their audience and create personalized messages. Profiles are updated within seconds of an action, not hours, ensuring real-time accuracy in segmentation and personalization operations.

Pillar #4: Data sovereignty & compliance

Simon Dawlat, co-founder and CEO of Batch, wrote a crystal clear article that goes into detail into data privacy differentiators.

We made early infrastructure choices to ensure long-term compliance with even the most stringent privacy laws.

Furthermore, we understand that solely complying with regulations should not be our sole objective. Handling data privacy matters ought to be effortless, much like producing automated communication or crafting a message.

Upholding data management and conformity with varied privacy laws constitutes a significant component of our roadmap. As a result, these concerns will have a lesser impact on your technology roadmap.

  • Privacy center: the Privacy center simplifies the management of data access and removal requests for non-technical users, providing real-time updates on the status of all requests.
  • User deletion: Users have the right to request the erasure of their personal data. This is a straightforward paper-based request, yet may pose technical complexities in a multi-touch user journey. What happens when a user asks for deletion of their account, but the mobile app still transmits personal data to your Customer Engagement platform? Batch resolves the issue by blacklisting a user ID after a data removal request.
  • Inactive profiles deletion (progressive rollout): Batch has customizable built-in data retention features that ensure unnecessary user data is not stored, reducing the need for your technical team to develop custom deletion scripts.


We understand that Batch is an essential component of your data setup, and it is crucial to ensure its reliability, but also its compatibility and ease of integration with your current stack.

If you wish to explore how Batch can fit into your data architecture, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at and we will link you up with our Solution Engineers team.

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