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Data Centralisation, Scalability & Real-Time, Connectivity, Compliance: discover the Batch Data Platform pillars

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15 Sep 2023 Written by Claire Zunda

For the past 8 years, Batch has been helping CRM and Tech teams develop and execute their customer engagement strategies.

We’ve been working with 400+ clients, and the more we help them achieve their goals, the more we come to the same conclusion: data management is the critical foundation that can make or break a customer engagement strategy.

At Batch, our product and engineering teams are focused on building the most effective data platform for all your customer engagement needs. Let's introduce the pillars of the Batch Data Platform:

  • Connectivity;
  • User Data Centralisation;
  • Real-Time & Scalability, from Data Collection to Action;
  • Data Sovereignty & Compliance.

You want to know more about them? Let’s have a read!

Pillar #1: Batch Connectivity


Batch was founded in 2015, when the world of CRM solutions was vastly different from today. At that time, on-premises solutions were the norm and mobile technologies were still emerging.

However, vendor lock-in created significant barriers to switching between CRM solutions, trapping businesses within the confines of a particular vendor's ecosystem and limiting their ability to explore alternative options.

From the outset, we believed that a modern customer engagement platform needed to integrate seamlessly with your technology stack and other marketing tools.

Brands should choose their customer engagement platform based on their needs, rather than being deterred by the cost of switching.


Effective implementation is essential to unlocking Batch's value for our customers. In this regard,our focus on developer experience is evident in our commitment to continuous delivery.

  • World-class SDKs: Batch SDKs are messaging tools that allow for the display of push notifications and In-App messages. They also serve as a powerful data collection tool. Stability is a top priority for developers, and an unstable SDK can cause your app to crash. Batch's mobile SDK is currently implemented in over 10,000 production apps across various industries, including media, finance, and retail. Google has acknowledged the high quality of Batch's Android SDK, ranking it among the top 80 worldwide.

  • A robust set of APIs: We develop REST APIs that enable you to collect and export data, as well as plan communications. Batch communicates with every part of your data ecosystem through these APIs. Our APIs are publicly documented via this link.

  • Native connectors to your Martech solutions: On average, Batch clients use six different Martech solutions. Batch natively connects with 45+ Martech tools, and is continuously expanding its integration, so you don't have to worry about adding it to your tech roadmap.

Pillar #2: User data centralisation

Real-time customer knowledge is essential for executing effective engagement strategies.

To meet this need, we created Profiles.


Profiles are the Batch Data Platform central pillar: they compile user data and events from all sources, enriching and updating them in real-time.

  • Server-side and client-side support: Profiles receive data from all user interactions. You can enhance a Profile using our SDK methods or APIs, depending on your use case or technical architecture. Our expertise in client-side data collection enables us to manage anonymous profiles that can be reached with personalised communications, as well as logged-in users.
  • Identity Resolution: Batch uses customer-provided first-party data to unify device-level data into unique customer profiles with 100% confidence.
  • Profile view: This is a vital representation of these Profiles, where tech and marketing teams can collaborate on data quality, debugging, and finding opportunities to enrich Profiles.

Pillar #3: Real-time and scalability, from data collection to action

To ensure that Batch can meet your organization's scalability needs, the Batch data platform comprises three key elements that work together:

  • Handling High-Volume Data: Our system efficiently ingests and processes high-volume data streams by leveraging robust Queuing Kafka and Cassandra/NoSQL storage. We process 3000 SDK requests and 2000 API updates per second.
  • Efficient Automation: Our automations are supported by a robust state engine that enables various capabilities, including parallel automation management, automatic restart, and capping, while maintaining real-time performance.
  • Dynamic Segmentation and Personalisation: Our platform enables brands to segment their audience dynamically and create personalized messages through on-the-fly segmentation. Profiles are updated within seconds of an action, ensuring real-time accuracy in segmentation and personalization operations.
We needed a high performance solution because we needed immediacy. We paid particular attention to the performance of the Batch SDK, which turned out to be very good.
author image
CTO, CIO, Exco Member
Le Monde Group

Pillar #4: Data sovereignty & compliance

We have already written a detailed article on Batch's data privacy differentiators.

We made early infrastructure decisions to ensure compliance with even the strictest privacy laws in the long term.

Batch was data compliant and E.U-centers in E.U, so that we could maintain the privacy the legislators are asking of us. If Batch works for Digital Health and Germany, that's probably going to work for everyone because Kaia Health’s standards of privacy are just super super high.
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VP of Marketing
Kaia Health

We understand that complying with regulations is not our only objective. Handling data privacy matters should be as effortless as producing automated communication or crafting a message.

Upholding data management and conformity with privacy laws is a significant component of our roadmap. As a result, these concerns will have a lesser impact on your technology roadmap.

  • Privacy center: the Privacy center simplifies the management of data access and removal requests for non-technical users, providing real-time updates on the status of all requests.
  • User deletion: Users have the right to request the deletion of their personal data. This is a simple paper-based request, but can be technically complex in a multi-touch user journey. What happens if a user asks to delete their account, but the mobile app still sends personal data to your customer engagement platform? Batch solves this problem by blacklisting a user ID after a data removal request.
  • Inactive profiles deletion (progressive rollout): Batch has customisable built-in data retention features that ensure unnecessary user data is not stored, reducing the need for your technical team to develop custom deletion scripts.
Among our selection criteria, there is also the fact that Batch is a 100% European solution hosted on French servers and therefore in the European Union. From a data security point of view, it would have been a problem for BNP Paribas if this were not the case.
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Digital Acquisition & Mobile Evangelist
BNP Paribas Personal Finance

If you have any questions about the Batch Data Platform, don't hesitate to contact our support team - - we will put you in touch our team of Solution Engineers.

Claire Zunda

Senior Product Manager @ Batch

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