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Case Study

How ultra personalized campaigns boosted 24S revenues by +20%

How ultra personalized campaigns boosted 24S revenues by +20%

Download our Business Case and discover the solutions implemented by 24S to reach their objectives!

"In terms of average basket, there's an extra €150 on the 24S App in 2021. So the more people we have on the App, the better off we'll be."
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Wandrille Lefebvre
Performance Marketing & CRM Director

In this Business Case, discover how 24S boosts its mobile sales thanks to ultra-personalized campaigns:

  1. The challenges and needs of 24S, in relation to their specific positioning between high-end products and e-commerce best practices.

  2. The CRM strategies and solutions implemented to achieve their priority objectives: welcome, engage, convert and dialogue

  3. The orchestration of their Trigger campaigns to automatically send personalized messages based on targeted events.

We also share ready-to-use case studies to maximize your e-commerce campaigns:

  1. The welcome cycle

  2. Abandoned cart recovery

  3. Return to a frequently viewed product

And finally, the results of our partnership after one year: a 20% increase in the app's revenue and a €150 increase in the average basket.

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