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Batch covers both your infrastructure & marketing needs. Choose the right plan to communicate better with your mobile customers and get started with mobile engagement today.

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Engagement suite
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Pricing FAQ's

Why choose Batch?

Our strength lies in being a platform used daily by thousands of developers across the world.

Our clients – usually extremely demanding developers – give us the benefit each day of their feedback, allowing us to improve Batch day after day. This powerful feedback loop has been going on for over 3 years, enabling us to build the platform of reference in the mobile engagement & push notification market—designed specifically for the businesses of the mobile era.

Which plan is right for me?

Our plans are designed to fit your operational needs. That’s why we sell “by feature”, and why the number of apps on your account and the number of pushes that you can send each month with Batch is unlimited.

We always advise you to start on our BASIC plan, in order for you to take the necessary time to evaluate Batch without any commitment – then to move up to our higher plans in line with your needs.

Is it possible to migrate from my current provider to Batch?


Token bases can be reimported to Batch from any other market provider, or from your internal systems. When the time comes, we send you a detailed guide of the steps to follow so that your tech team can carry out the migration quickly and cleanly.

How long does migration take?

There’s no precise rule. It’s very much dependent on your tech team’s availability, knowing that Batch will be flexible in finding time to assist. Our support is otherwise regarded as effective and available during this transition phase.

Expect a few days for the initial migrations, but more realistically 2 to 3 weeks including the time to troubleshoot your integration and create proper tagging plans.

I’m migrating from Parse, am I going to lose my Android tokens?

Not necessarily, as we know how to help you even if you still use the old SenderIDs that Parse stocks automatically.

Contact us quickly to assess the situation on

(Note: since the closure of Parse in February 2016, several thousand developers have moved their push to Batch. We’re therefore very familiar with the process of Parse migrations.)

Do you handle push notifications for Firebase?

Yes, we were the first to propose a push notification integration in Firebase thanks to our dedicated integration and are widely considered as the most effective way to add push notifications to Firebase.

Follow our guide here:

What are the different levels of segmentation proposed?

‘Smart’, ‘Native’ and ‘Custom’.

‘Smart segments’ are user cohorts that our algorithms create automatically. They allow you to target users classed as active, inactive, or those in the process of moving between these classifications.

‘Native’ segments are the targeting data that Batch captures on smartphones: device, operator, app version / OS version, days since installation, etc.

Finally, ‘Custom’ segments correspond to your own tagging plan, that allows you to create whatever targetings you want based on your user engagement strategy.

Learn more:

Please explain how the Smart segments work

To save you time, we have created ‘smart Segments’

They’re a response to tiresome tagging plans and allow you to respond, immediately after integrating Batch, to some simple questions:

  • Who is active in my app?
  • Who has been active?
  • Who is no longer active?
  • Who could soon be active?

All that, thanks to simple segments such as:

  • New
  • Engaged
  • One-timers
  • Dormants

And the predictive segments in between.

How do they work?

To inform our Smart segments, we created machine learning algorithms open-sourced by the most prestigious universities in the world (including MIT) that we applied to tens of millions of users connected each month to our SDK.

The technology functions by itself with one single objective: detect the exact usage patterns of your users in your apps and allow you to communicate at the right time.

Smart segments are one of Batch’s most popular features, as they allow you to create campaigns for actionable segments, without any setup being needed, and with constantly evolving technology.

Couple use-cases

Need to ask your clients to rate your app?

Push the Engaged segments, you’ll grow your positive response rate by 45% on average by asking only your recently active clients.

A promotion to run?

Create a campaign on the Dormant segment with messages slightly more pushy than usual. Try A/B Tests with more creative messages. These clients were active, but aren’t any more: try to win them back!

Your strategy consists of welcoming the clients of your apps with welcome messages on Day–1, Day–3, Day–7, etc.?

Use the New segment, combined with our other native segment ‘Days since installations’, to easily create welcome campaigns that will reach your clients at precisely the right time in their user lifecycle.

Behind these few simple examples are hidden dozens of advanced mobile engagement scenarios. Contact us to discuss with our experts.

Why are there different send rates?

No diversify the power of our platform and guarantee optimal availability on our senders: this partition guarantees our clients the quickest service on the plan they have chosen.

What if I need multiple accounts?

The BASIC and PRO plans are individual and only possess a single login. The PREMIER plan is designed for teams moving up to 5 people, and the ENTERPRISE plan for teams of up to 20.

What is the capacity of each plan?

All plans have a capacity of 100,000 MAUs (Monthly Active Users), corresponding to the unique monthly visitors in your apps as tracked by Batch.

Although this is quite a high limit, if the traffic of your app risks exceeding it, please contact us at

How do I access Insights?

Insights is the world’s first benchmarking tool for push notifications (see: It is licensed alongside our Enterprise plan, or as a separate product.

Contact us to learn more:

Is Batch secure?

Batch treats and stocks its data in data-centers based in France, which means we comply with the data privacy constraints of our European partners. Our servers, excepting on the front, are in private networks and are therefore not exposed to the web. All SDK <> web service exchanges on Batch are managed in a secure environment via HTTPS (TLS 1.2) and the payload of the requests/responses is encrypted in AES256 with dynamic keys.

What about data/3rd-party integrations?

Batch connections with third-party platforms that manage client data (CRM, DMP, Data Lake, Data Warehouse etc.) are conducted on a case-by-case basis in function with your needs and their complexity.

Contact us to learn more:

What level of support do you propose?

Our team can accompany you in your transition towards becoming a more effective mobile business via our full-service offering.

We will dedicate platform experts to your account and will be happy to collaborate with your other third-parties (agencies, etc.) during the integration stage—and then, in the training of your operational teams.

Contact us to discover our different consulting packages.

Are SLAs only available on the Enterprise plan?

Yes, our SLAs are available only on Enterprise plans: they hold us to account on our uptime, and on the selection and sending of your tokens to the API platforms of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

If a level of service below a certain limit is delivered, financial reimbursements will be offered, as specified in our service contracts.

Contact us to learn more:

Batch for News apps

Some of the most prominent media groups in the world power their mobile efforts using Batch technologies.

The Batch platform is well suited to media organisations with its highly robust infrastructure that handles enormous fluctuations in volume, a send rate of up to 2.5 million alerts per minute, APIs enabling easy integration into internal CMSs and business features for marketing teams. And all on the same platform.



Our push platform is easily deployed into journalist CMSs, thanks to our large set of well-documented APIs. At the same time it gives marketing teams the capacity to engage readers based on interests, reading habits, devices, location, category opt-ins—and hundreds of other targeting options.

Batch lets you assign push notifications different levels of priority, send embedded videos, images or custom icons, use emojis, A/B test messages, or add deeplinks to redirect readers to a particular page or article.

Even the most complex targeting needs are covered, and Batch is equally well adapted to scenarios both simple and complex.

For what purpose?

Our media customers pursue 4 main goals:

  1. Reader satisfaction: almost-instant and targeted notifications—because personalised information is a proven power factor in retention (read our Mission statement).
  2. Increase of their ad inventory—better targeting means you can push more, without annoying your readers, hence more page views.
  3. E-commerce strategies applied to subscription sales in order to grow direct revenue.
  4. For management: a unified platform = a unique overview of your mobile activity and analytics, at both the editorial and marketing levels.


On the performance side, Batch is capable of supporting enormous volumes of visitor traffic and sending enormous quantities of alerts—and we offer SLAs on both fronts on our Enterprise plans.

Send rates we support range from 500 to 2,500,000 push per minute capacity. That way we can cover ad-hoc demands for sporting events or peak news times. In this area, Batch is by far the fastest and most reliable solution on the market, having proven its robustness by handling abnormal media events like Charlie Hebdo, the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015 and later that year in Brussels, the Panama Papers scandal, or the tragic death of the singer Prince.

Marketing Automation

Batch equally offers intelligent features, like frequency capping (1 editorial push and 1 marketing push can never cross-over: hot news is always prioritised over marketing), follow-up features that track subscriptions/uninstalls to better understand the effect of your pushes, and finally pre-programmed campaigns, recurrent campaigns or drip campaigns.

Push serveillance

Finally Batch offers a unique, proprietary technology: Insights – a surveillance tool used by dozens of newsrooms around the world that allows you to see the pushes sent by yours or your competitors’ apps, and to check exact reception times on user smartphones.

Batch for M-commerce apps

Mobile commerce is here to stay

When we started in mobile 7 years ago, retailers had 1-3% of their revenue coming from mobile. Today some of our customers make between 30-50%—and growing. Great retail apps are like shops: people will visit many, based on the quality of the product & in-app experience.

A case study by ComScore from April 2016 reveals that – against popular opinion – mobile consumers do not have a problem with using multiple apps all belonging to their favourite brands on their smartphone: 55% of them install between 3 and 10 such apps.


Of course when well executed, an m-commerce app is basically the most effective loyalty programme that a brand can employ: global, qualitative, personalisable, geo-localisable, and always carried in hand. The benefits are countless.


An engagement platform engineered for the smartphone era, Batch allows you to employ your best practices in your native apps: new client ‘welcome’ workflows, cart abandonment reminders, segmentation based on interests, A/B test pushes, rich messages and deeplinks towards products or pages, messages with macros (Hi _first_name_ ...) personalised alerts when a package leaves the depot, flash promotions etc.

All your best practices can henceforth come to life on smartphone thanks to Batch.


Grow sales via the mobile channel.


Batch Analytics lets you to measure the performance of your campaigns. Want to know what direct revenue has been generated by such or such message? No problem: Batch offers a ‘Campaign objectives’ feature that can be configured according to push opens, product page visits, number of adds to basket, and volume of sales.


Our architecture relies entirely on a large set of APIs making Batch compatible with all other 3rd-parties. You can seamlessly sync your mobile data with your other engagement suites or own back-end, import existing segments, export enriched analytics data (mobile performance, geo-localisation, etc.) into any database. Anything can be achieved.

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Batch for On-demand apps

Batch is the notification infrastructure of dozens of successful on-demand apps in the world

If your business operates in the on-demand space, it’s likely that notifications are a core part of your offering because if something is being delivered to your customers, they want to know about it.

To power your notifications and empower your marketing team, Batch is perfect—being both a transactional (user/events triggered notifications) and engagement platform (supply/demand, user segments, promotions, app ratings), we’re likely to cover all your supply-to-demand and app-to-users communication needs.

Contact us to find out more.

Batch for Start-ups

80% of businesses using Batch are start-ups

Because Enterprise is where we make most of our revenue, but since we’re a start-up ourselves and wanted to cater to the needs of our peers, we’re offering an Enterprise-grade platform at very low prices for start-ups, on a self-service basis— that’s why Batch today is the mobile communication platform of choice for thousands of startups pioneering new services in the fields of payments, maternity, e-learning, photographic impression, GPS services, games, virtual keyboard, photo sharing, dating, utilities, communications, or even personal finance, as well as many more mobile innovation sectors.

Check our Developer zone and Pricing page to learn more.

Batch for Agencies

If you’re integrating push notifications and mobile engagement into the app projects of your clients you clearly don’t want to develop that part yourself— good news, Batch is a turnkey solution and we’re very used to working with agencies. We understand they are your clients and we’re committed to helping you make the most our of your relationship with them.

Contact us to find out more about our Partner program.

Batch for CMSs and DMPs

Behind these generic terms are often hidden omnichannel client databases that don’t function very well (or even at all) in the mobile environment.

Batch allows you to reconcile the data of your smartphone customers with those in brick & mortar environments and on the web. There are two big use cases among our clients:

  • Qualifying the customer mobile data (their activity, # devices, geo-location) and putting it into their databases
  • Using Batch ‘on the way out’, to deliver your messages on mobile from a centralised CRM.

Contact us for a personal analysis of your CRM data situation.