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Manage your marketing pressure across all your channels!

Manage your marketing pressure across all your channels!

Understanding marketing pressure

Marketing pressure entails identifying the point of equilibrium between the frequency and relevance of marketing actions to maximise campaign results and prevent marketing fatigue.

8.7 is the median value for the number of one-shot campaigns sent per week for all industries. 

Managing marketing pressure involves finding a balance between the number of campaigns sent and the complementary nature of the channels used, by setting up a suitable segmentation strategy.

In reality, it is not that simple...

Lots of brands manage their channels in a siloed fashion. The major issue is knowing how to manage their communications with the right amount of commercial pressure, as not many tools offer a holistic view.
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Andréa PETIT
Senior Customer Success Manager

Yes, your customers do want a more transparent, contextual, customised experience. Orchestrating automations between your email, push notification, web, text and social media strategies can be a real conundrum! 🤯

How can you guarantee the complementary nature of your different communication channels?

How can you reach the users most likely to purchase your products without overwhelming them? And how can you conduct campaigns linked to a specific user action? 

Did you know that the open rate for targeted campaigns (triggered automation) is 11 times higher than for one-shot campaigns?


Setting up a suitable segmentation strategy 

The key to better managing marketing pressure is to work on the complementary nature of your marketing channels and properly segment your customer base: 

  • Orchestrate scenarios between your email and app push notification strategies for opt-in users for both channels to optimise the customer experience!

  • Adapt the number of one-shot campaigns sent based on seasonal and current events.

  • Apply lots of pressure to automations linked to a user action within your app and website.

  • Address the web push notification channel as a dedicated channel, with one of its objectives being top of mind awareness.

Lastly, using an all-in-one platform provides you with a holistic view of your sent messages in real time, for the same data model. Orchestrating all your campaigns using advanced segmentation becomes child’s play. 

The following will subsequently be possible: 

  • Ascertaining the number of sent messages for each user,

  • Defining the business rules per customer and lead segment,

  • Taking account of the comprehensive capping* rules,

  • Offering the right content at the right time in the customer life-cycle.

This guide includes 

  • Understanding marketing pressure: in a few words: sending the right message at the right time to the right user.

  • Benchmark and market insights: how many campaigns are sent by our customers on average? Which are the most engaging campaigns?

  • Use case: best practices to follow. Andréa, CSM Senior at Batch for 5 years, gives us her tips for managing your marketing pressure with equanimity. 

  • The reality of how to work with Batch. We guide you step by step so you are able to use our dedicated features correctly!

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