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Batch Launches SMS Marketing


30 Apr 2024 · Written by Simon Dawlat

We’re happy to announce official support for SMS Marketing 🎉

Today, we’re expanding our global cross-channel messaging capacities with the launch of SMS, a highly effective channel and long-time top-requested feature.

SMS at Batch comes with all the segmentation and personalization components already available for all channels of our Customer Engagement Platform.

With this release, we’re also introducing SMS Composer, an advanced edition interface letting marketers create compelling SMS experiences with built-in testing and previsualization.

Read on to learn more!


What’s new?

  1. Send SMS with Batch. You can now deliver millions of SMS with Batch’s Customer Engagement Platform.
  2. SMS Edition. SMS at Batch comes with SMS Composer, a new visual interface to create, compose, preview and test SMS messages.
  3. SMS Targeting. Take advantage of Batch’s Segmentation Engine to send targeted SMS.
  4. SMS Personalization. Leverage Batch's Dynamic Content capacities to create personalized SMS.
  5. SMS Analytics. Track the results of your SMS marketing activity.

Why SMS matters?

SMS is a highly effective communication channel with up to 98% open rate.

It’s a key channel for effective cross-channel marketing—especially when combined with other channels such as Email and Mobile Push.

It can be used for both transactional and marketing purposes, and delivered globally.

Send SMS with Batch.

SMS is now available at Batch alongside other channels such as Email, Mobile Push, Web Push, In-App Messaging and Inbox.

To ensure enterprise-readiness, we’ve partnered with one of the world’s top CPaaS for last-mile delivery and global telco connectivity, ensuring both scalability and delivery excellence.

To maximize your ability to drive immediate marketing impact, we're starting SMS with Automations today and will bring it to Campaigns later this year.

SMS Edition

SMS comes with SMS Composer, a new visual interface designed to let marketers create visually compelling SMS messaging experiences.


What's in SMS Composer?

This new message creation interface comes with lots of handy features:

  1. Set Campaign Name: name your SMS messages for ease of use and quick access.
  2. Message Preview and Preview As: preview SMS messages rendering from the Batch Dashboard—including Dynamic Content personalization.
  3. Character Count: see live character count. This feature automatically computes underlying character rules that are affected by encoding format (GSM7, etc.).
  4. Insert Variable: add Dynamic Content to your SMS messages.
  5. Send Test: send a test SMS to yourself or a colleague.

Note: character count is a very important topic when it comes to end-user experience and billing. Learn more here: How does character encoding impact the size of my SMS?

Test your SMS messages

Alongside previsualization features, SMS Composer also comes with built-in testing capabilities such as Sent Test and Preview As for maximum safety.


SMS Targeting & Personalization

In order to run effective SMS marketing campaigns, SMS leverages two core components of Batch: Segmentation Engine and Dynamic Content.

  1. Segmentation Engine lets marketers create targeted SMS messaging using our powerful query builder.
  2. Dynamic Content lets marketers personalize SMS messages with personalization variables.

Both components will let you leverage your customer’s Profiles data stored in the Batch Data Platform.


SMS Analytics

SMS at Batch comes with our usual tracking dashboards.

SMS Analytics will allow monitoring of outgoing SMS Marketing campaigns.

As always, metrics can also be exported manually or via APIs.


Plans & Pricing

As we’re rolling out SMS gradually, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us to get started with this exciting new release 🎉

Simon Dawlat

CEO @ Batch

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