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Manage your Marketing Pressure with Marketing Segmentation

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7 Jul 2023 · Written by Aurélie Tisserand

Customising your marketing actions is a must. This is because, in France for example, people are exposed to 1,200 advertising messages per day on average. This high marketing pressure impacts your customers, so it is crucial to find solutions to gain their loyalty. This is where marketing segmentation comes into play. We explain how you can use it to your advantage.

Manage your marketing pressure with marketing segmentation

An increasing number of communication channels and messages risks overwhelming your users. What is the consequence on marketing? Generating fatigue and other negative effects on your leads and customers:

  • weariness and sometimes frustration,
  • deactivation of marketing communications (push notifications, emails, etc. ) ;
  • requests to unsubscribe from all marketing,
  • spam reports, etc.

Without a solution able to make things easier for you, it is difficult to know which message has been sent, to whom, how many times or how often. It is therefore vital to segment your campaigns so as to send the right message to the right user at the right time.

Omni-channel marketing is a good way of managing your marketing pressure. Let us explain: an omni-channel strategy involves the synergetic use of several communication channels. To orchestrate your campaigns effectively, it is vital to segment them. We have therefore put together a very comprehensive Ebook for you on this topic. Here are some best practices!

Manage your marketing pressure across all your channels!


Refine your audience using segmentation

Here, the idea is to create rules for the communication channels to be used, the messages to be sent and the frequency of actions to be taken for your different user types. Detailed view of three main types.

1. Inactive “dormant” users

You must be able to identify your customers who hardly or no longer respond to your marketing communications. We are referring to customers who have not looked at your website or mobile app in some time - these are dormant users!

Did you know?

Over 50% of uninstalls take place within 30 days of installing. You have to engage your users!

Some companies choose to create two different campaigns to better understand the behaviour of each segment. You have to determine which segment to choose based on your targets. Once this step is complete, you have several options:

  • reduce the frequency of marketing with respect to normal levels,
  • adapt your messages to try and re-engage your target,
  • change communication channel, etc.

2. Recent buyers - engaged

Once transactional follow-up has taken place, you can reduce the amount and frequency of your marketing. You have just gained a customer - now is really not the time to bombard them with marketing. You can automatically activate a new campaign cycle later, to engage at the right time.

To prevent any ineffective marketing pressure, here are some rules to follow:

  • pay attention to transactional follow-up communication,
  • reduce the amount and frequency of marketing once an order has been placed,
  • automatically activate dedicated cycles.

Special situation: at-risk customers

Le Courrier International uses Batch targeting options combined with various channels (push and in-app notifications to encourage users about to unsubscribe from their platform to re-subscribe. Let us explain using pictures!

3. Active users - one time/ne

Have users looked at your mobile app or clicked on a product page on your website but not yet taken the plunge and purchased? This means they are interested in your product/service but still need some encouragement!

You can, for example, activate automation to send them marketing and offer a promotion.

Maximise your results: noteworthy customer case studies

ManoMano: the DIY e-commerce platform

ManoMano, one of our customers, is a French company specialising in the online sale of DIY, home and garden products. Their defining feature is their marketplace model, allowing third-party sellers to offer their products on the platform. Users have access to a wide range of items from different sellers. To retain and re-engage dormant and one-time users, they have set up a retention cycle 15 and 30 days after installing their app.

For example, 15 days after installation, the message “With the app, you can order more quickly from wherever you choose. How practical!” is sent. The result? A clickthrough rate of 4% and re-engagement of 55%!

CasinoMax: the free loyalty app

CasinoMax is a loyalty scheme offered by the Casino group, a French supermarket chain. Thanks to a dedicated mobile app, customers receive exclusive offers, promotions and discounts when purchasing in one of the chain’s stores. Users have easy access to their customised offers, and can manage their account and get special offers. To A/B test messages sent, CasinoMax sends two different messages with a different tone:

  1. “€15 off your next shop! Use your discount voucher in your app now.”
  2. “We miss you! Come back soon and get €15 off when you spend €50”.

The results of the test reveal a clickthrough rate of 3% for both messages.

Segment easily with the Batch platform!

How does it work?

You can target your users by adding segmentation. It helps you address some of them based on attributes or events. Depending on the strategy used, all campaigns may be affected.

Other Batch features:

  • native segments, so you can target based on app visit recurrence via the “Last_Visit_date” attribute,
  • native smart segments, providing you with four real-time engagement segments (new, engaged, dormant and one-time). They are particularly useful in retention or re-engagement strategies.

Our CRM solution enables you to segment and customise your campaigns. You can perform segmentation to divide your target into groups based on certain attributes and improve your marketing strategy as a result. In particular, we propose “native segments” to help you save valuable time.

Aurélie Tisserand

Digital Marketing Manager @ Batch

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