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Former Leboncoin Engineering Director Hervé Lourdin joins Batch as new CTO


20 Jun 2022 · Written by Simon Dawlat

It’s a common saying in Europe that our tech scene faces two major structural challenges: capital & talent.

Capital, because local LPs tend to invest 20 times less into venture capital than their US counterparts. As a consequence, most of Europe’s significant Series C, D, etc. end-up being led by foreign funds.

Talent, because those rare birds who « have done it at scale » are what their name entails. Very rare.

Needless to say, we approached searching for a new tech leader for Batch earlier this year with fear and anxiety, as it is sometimes said that European CTOs with hands-on experience in managing tech teams of 100+ people at hyper-growth organizations could easily fit in a small apartment.

From that perspective, we feel incredibly blessed and lucky to welcome Hervé Lourdin as our new CTO today, creating a new powerful duo with our cofounder & CP(T)O Antoine, who will relinquish his « T » and refocus all his efforts on our product roadmap.

Perks of being a highly technological product

Scaling a platform as sophisticated as Batch bears many struggles, but also a few uncanny advantages.

Amongst those advantages, being a highly technical solution gave us strong exposure to the CTO community over the years, with hundreds of tech teams across Europe implementing our SDKs since 2015.

That’s how we met Hervé for the first time back in 2016, when his former company Videdressing (Vestiaire Collective’s archrival) launched the first version of their mobile apps and subsequently got started with Batch.

With 20 years of experience under his belt, hailing from one of France’s most forward-looking tech organization, Adevinta’s Leboncoin, Hervé has gathered unparalleled experience in both highly-trafficked infrastructures and large technical teams’ performance with more than 70 people under management in his prior role, where he led all the Payments & Shipping initiatives for the group.

Prior to that, he spent almost a decade in technology consulting at famed agency OCTO (later acquired by Accenture); he is also a recognized speaker and an influential Tech Rocks member.

We couldn’t be more excited to have such an experience leader with us as we enter a new phase of growth 🤩

What’s next for our executive team?

Our executive committee is growing ever-stronger since our Series B last year.

The plan was to gather a world-class team able to lead Batch into becoming the by-default European customer engagement platform. This plan is well on track.

Back in February, we welcomed our new CMO, Sonia Ouaksel: yet another extraordinary leader hailing from two of the most prominent European MarTech success stories, Neolane (acquired by Adobe in 2013 to become their CRM product) and then Contentsquare, where she spent 5 years.

We also strengthened our middle-management structure with the recruitment of Cécile, Clément, Thomas and Charline to lead our Marketing, Customer Sucess, Finance & Solutions Engineering teams.

Today, we put a highly experienced duo at the helm of our platform, since our co-founder, Antoine, will refocus all his efforts towards our product roadmap with the goal of “building the right product” while Hervé will gradually take over the leadership of our tech team, helped with the deep expertise of our technical leads such as Vincent, Arnaud, Cédric, Stéphane and NicolasB, in order to “build the product right” —as we like to define the essence of those two canonically complementary teams.

Both Hervé and Antoine have open positions in their respective teams so check our career pages if you’d like to come build the future of CRM with us.

And once again: WELCOME HERVÉ!!! We feel blessed to have you with us for this part of the journey 💥

Simon Dawlat

CEO @ Batch

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