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How Decathlon Coach quadrupled user engagement with its annual 3-week challenge?

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21 Aug 2023 · Written by Aurélie Tisserand

Charlotte Rousselle, Retention Manager, and Florine Courtin, Dialogue Leader at Decathlon Coach, explain how to increase dialogue and user engagement by diversifying communication channels (emails and push notifications) in this 10-minute testimonial.

CRM at Decathlon Coach: specific needs and expectations

Decathlon Coach is a totally free app that makes it easier to exercise by offering online sports classes. The app was created six years ago based on two sports: running and walking. It then added Pilates to the mix in 2018, followed by weight training.

The task of CRM at Decathlon Coach is to engage app users on a daily basis and keep them motivated so they continue to exercise daily with the app.

How? By creating a close relationship with users through motivational, inspiring content.

Example of the 3-week challenge campaign

What is the 3-week challenge?

It is a 3-week online exercise programme offering three sessions a week (Pilates, weight training + fitness) that has been offered in November for the past 4 years.

The objective? To motivate users to exercise in the quiet period, often characterised by a decrease in motivation for exercise.

The promise? A totally free programme with no ads, created and facilitated by qualified coaches.

What does it involve? Progressive Pilates, weight training and fitness sessions, three times a week.

“We created specific training programmes in 2020 to go further in our approach and make the quiet period a real opportunity to stand out.”
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Retention Manager
Decathlon Coach

Marketing and promotion of the campaign

To stand out and engage app users, Decathlon Coach really needed to converse with users, engage them and motivate them to work out.

The team therefore decided to diversify its communication channels, banking on push notifications with Batch!

They set up a specific push notification journey dedicated to the 3-week challenge campaign with a fully automated engagement journey including:

  1. An initial very general launch notification to market the challenge,

  2. Then, automation targeting all users who scheduled a programme in the app and who already engaged for the first time to do the programme,

  3. These users are then onboarded with an initial push notification to activate them and encourage them to complete their first session,

  4. The automation journey is launched: the users have been targeted and engaged as they move through the programme. This fully customised journey kept them motivated for the three weeks of the challenge.

  5. To complete this challenge in style, a push notification was sent, segmenting two types of user: those who had taken part in the challenge and those who had unfortunately not completed it.


Impressive results

The aim was to have at least twice as many finishers than previous years and in the end, Decathlon Coach was able to engage four times more users!

“Everything was possible with the loyalty scheme added to a notification journey that contained the right messages. We created a journey within the existing journey, with messages that were a bit more quirky and customised. All this ensured we got good results!”
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Retention Manager
Decathlon Coach

Download the case study

And find out how Decathlon Coach increased its conversion rate by a factor of 4 in its annual 3-week campaign!

Aurélie Tisserand

Digital Marketing Manager @ Batch

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