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Case Study

Customer engagement: how Decathlon Coach quadrupled its conversion rate in its annual 3-weeks challenge?

Customer engagement: how Decathlon Coach quadrupled its conversion rate in its annual 3-weeks challenge?

Decathlon Coach is a totally free application that makes it easy to exercise. The app offers online indoor and outdoor exercise classes. 

The app was created six years ago based on two sports: running and walking. It then added Pilates to the mix in 2018.

Currently, Decathlon Coach has 25 enthusiastic employees, 5 of whom work in France.

CRM at Decathlon Coach: needs and expectations

Challenge: dialogue and engagement with users

At Decathlon Coach, the role of CRM is to motivate users to consume content and exercise using the app, creating a close relationship with its users through motivational, inspiring content.

“As we are a free app, there is no concept of a cart or direct sales. Our aim is to engage our users so they exercise with us. To do so, we need to converse with them and motivate them on a daily basis. In the past, we relied solely on the Email channel, in a non-specific way, and we wanted to diversify our channels to be as close as possible to our users. We therefore integrated Push notifications, all the while being 100% independent and not relying on Tech. That is one of the main reasons for us deciding to work with Batch.”
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Retention Manager
Decathlon Coach

Batch quickly generated closeness between coaches and users, to increase engagement. 

The 3-week challenge campaign

The 3-week challenge is a home exercise challenge offered on the app in the quiet period (November). It includes three sessions a week (Pilates + weight training + fitness) for three weeks! 

  • What is the objective of Decathlon Coach? To motivate users to exercise in November - which is not always easy! The app offers a free programme for three weeks, totally free of charge, with no ads, created and facilitated by qualified coaches.

  • How? By banking on user engagement via high-quality motivational content sent over several channels: email and push notifications.

  • The result? More than 3,000 challenge finishers and a conversion rate four times higher than previous years!

Discover how Decathlon Coach quadrupled conversion from his winter campaign by diversifying its channels: emails + push notifications with Batch.

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