Business Case

How does Lalalab optimize its segmentation and marketing pressure management?


Lalalab: a challenge of channel complementarity & segmentation

Lalalab is a photo printing application created in 2012, present in more than 60 countries and with more than 3.8M opt-in users on email and push notifications.

Their different challenges are around the complementarity of the different channels but also the management of marketing pressure as well as the improvement of retargeting.

We also share ready-to-use omnichannel use cases to maximize campaigns:

  • The onboarding message

  • Abandoned cart relaunch 

  • The post-purchase sequence of the first order (see below)


Discover how Lalalab increases its CLV and explodes its figures thanks to its personalized campaigns.

"Our medium-term challenge is to work on our bounce scenarios so that they are more relevant, data-centric, with user reactivity on a given channel and to be able to retarget on another given channel at the right time."
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Jessica Petit
Head Of CRM

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