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Communicate better with your mobile customers

« Mobile users will install on average 4-5 news apps and keep only the 2 most relevant »

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Meet Batch – the leading mobile engagement & push notification suite engineered for the mobile era

Why Batch?

A proven expertise

Our tight-knit team of product designers & top engineers has been working together on some of the most ambitious mobile products since 2008 – our SDK has been downloaded > 350 000 000 times in all countries in the world (including North Korea!).

  • 150 enterprise customers
  • 3000apps in production
  • 50 millionMAUs (monthly active users)
  • 2 billionpush notifications sent monthly
" Being the largest women-focused media group in Europe, we needed a mobile engagement platform able to handle massive traffic with a user-friendly interface—and that’s why we chose Batch. " Agnès Alazard-Rool Managing Director, Aufeminin
" We chose Batch to communicate better with users on our mobile payment app. We love the targeting options, end-to-end encryption of the push payload and the team’s outstanding commitment to customer support. " Antoine Porte CTO, Lydia
" We’re using Batch in 30 apps right now. Before that, we had benchmarked all other mobile marketing automation tools out there, and ended up choosing Batch—they move fast, have superior tech, and know how to deliver an amazing customer support experience. " Jérôme Perani Growth Director, L'Express

Built with your business in mind

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push rich

Take advantage of the new iOS 10 features and send beautiful push notifications to your mobile customers with our advanced campaign manager.


Our mission

Interestingly enough, many marketers still believe that sending ‘too many’ notifications will make their clients run for the hills. This is a false assumption. The right message – with the right information or promotion – sent at the proverbial ‘right time’ to the right person, inherently contributes to the service dimension of mobile apps – something all mobile customers actively expect [...]

In 2020, perhaps more than 80% adults in the world will own a smartphone.
Benedict Evans
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz


Know your mobile customers

Batch lets you know who uses your app: pages they’re visiting, gear they’re using, their location, how often they’re visiting your app, what they’re searching for, etc. Access to this knowledge is the foundation of Batch’s personalised communication engine.

  • Smart Segments
  • Native attributes
  • Tagging plan
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Communication avec notifications & landing messaging


Better communication
through native channels

Reach out to your customers with contextual alerts via push notifications & in-app messages – personalized messages get 3x better open and clickthrough rates than standard messages. Do it!

  • Notifications push
  • In-app landings
  • Data push


what’s working

Save time! Once you’ve done the tedious, but necessary, work of experimenting far and wide, automate what’s working using recurring and trigger-based campaigns.

  • A/B Testing
  • Recurring campaigns
  • Drip & Goal campaigns
AB Testing
Infrastruture Prince


​High availability
Incredibly scalable

Batch powers the notifications infrastructures of some of the most demanding apps in the world: news apps. Major news events can happen anytime, anywhere, and set the world on fire. Over the years we’ve built an incredibly scalable platform for businesses with extraordinary needs.

  • High availability
  • 2,5M pushes/minute
  • End-to-end payload encryption


Enjoy creating beautiful campaigns and analysing performance

For the marketers using our dashboard on a daily basis we’ve invested tremendous effort and time into UI & UX – you can tell by looking at it. Our secret weapon? Thousands for developers using it daily, creating a strong feedback loop which we’ve been iterating upon since 2012.

  • Acclaimed design
  • Built for teams
  • Always-on chat support

Strategic watch

Track your competitors in real time

Our team’s expertise goes beyond targeting and delivery with Insights: meet the world’s first and only push notification search engine letting you track your competitors’ push notification strategies in real time – used by leading retailers and news outlets all over the world.

  • Real-time tracking
  • On-device timestamping
  • Cross-OS view
Discover Insights
Screenshot Batch Insights

Batch for developers

You’re the CTO, the lead mobile developer, an agency maybe. One morning, someone says to you ‘Hey – we need to integrate Batch’. Your reply: ‘Hmm. Do we?’.

And we can’t blame you. Outsourcing your communications infrastructure – something so critical to your business – to a third-party, is always daunting. Integrating another SDK can be a pain. Also, we don’t know each other that well yet, do we?

We’ve gathered 15 good reasons to trust us.

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