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"Perfect Swiss Army knife for all things marketing; before Batch we were using 4 different SDKs. Now, just 1. Awesome."

Nicolas Princen, CEO @

"We needed to put ads in our app, and also the ability to send push notifications to our users. Batch’s all-in-one approach is a winner for us."

Antonio Mendes, CEO @ TVShow Time

"Integration with push notifications and engagement analytics make Batch a new retention weapon."

Petr Fodor, Co-founder @ Flow Studio

"Very satisfying on both monetization and user acquisition fronts. Nice team."

David Papazian, CEO @ Mobigame

Yes, we’re really free.

So, how do we keep the lights on? Instead of charging you a monthly fee, we sell ads on your behalf to the top 500 mobile advertisers in the world. With Batch, you earn money each month while accessing great engagement tools for free. Our ads are optional and compatible with the major mediation services on the market, and Batch lets you cut down your SaaS fees. Can it get any better?

About us

We’re a team of 30-ish mobile veterans. In a not too distant past, we scaled an iOS & Android app up to 20,000,000 installs. Also, we’re the team behind Batch Insights: the first-ever benchmarking tool for push notifications. The best way to reach us is through and/or by shouting at us on Twitter (all answers to the @batch handle will ping our team on Slack).

Batch Insights

Ready to go ‘god mode’ on your competitor’s push notification strategy? Batch Insights started with the insane mission of tracking all the mobile notifications in the world, then evolved into the industry’s first-ever benchmarking tool for push notifications. Perfect for professional newsrooms, game studios & brand monitoring companies.

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Batch Ads

Because Batch is all about user engagement we tend to attract developers who care about their audience. This means great publishers to run your user acquisition campaigns through our ad network. We combine innovative native ad units, unique targeting capabilities and scale with our network already reaching dozens of millions monthly active users.

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