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Finally a Customer Engagement Platform built for Mobile.

Batch drives an average 600% ROI for consumer brands who put formidable Mobile-First customer experience and smart push notifications at the center of their CRM strategy.

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They use Batch

300 Enterprise customers from 15+ countries deliver 400bn push notifications each year with Batch

High availability, built-in security and scalability

Push notifications sent each year
Apps & Websites

1 Bn
End-users profiles
Monthly active users

Data lookback

They use Batch to: Boost sales.

Batch’s ROI for Kingfisher is above 800% and one single campaign generated north of €1.2M GMV.

Romain Roulleau

CMO - Kingfisher

Who uses Batch?

Modern Marketers

CRM Managers
Run daily operations
With Batch they can
Launch campaigns in seconds, create delightful end-user experiences, delivery true ROI and get marketing & tech support from us in near real-time.
Define the CRM strategy
With Batch they can
Get a cockpit view of Batch’s economic impact, grow customer satisfaction, avoid data silos and ensure security, compliance & enterprise-readiness.
Ensure tech integrity
With Batch they can
Use a developer-focused platform, work with super-reliable SDKs already used in production by 10,000+ apps & sites and get constant access to solution engineers.

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