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[Webinar] What's new on the Batch platform - Product Keynote 2024

[Webinar] What's new on the Batch platform - Product Keynote 2024

On January 25th, we ran the second edition of our Product Keynote in our Paris HQ.

We reviewed our H2 2023 features and previewed what's to come in H1 2024 — a key initiative as part of our roadmap clarity & transparency efforts.

More than 100 CRM Experts & Leaders from 50+ leading companies attended.

It was a blast! 🔥

On February 22nd at 11 am Paris time (UTC +1), Simon (co-founder & CEO), Antoine (co-founder & CPO), and James (Senior Key Account Executive) will hold an online rerun of the event for our overseas customers.


  • Opening remarks & Batch's 2023 Year in Review,

  • How Batch builds its roadmap (and how you can contribute to it!),

  • Customer Engagement Platform roadmap:

Pillar #1: Cross-Channel Messaging,

Pillar #2: Marketing Automation,

Pillar #3: Single Customer View,

Pillar #4: MarTech Integrations.

For each pillar, we will recap what shipped in H2 2023 and preview what's to come for H1 2024.

The whole event should last approximately 45 minutes and leave time for Q&A.

This webinar is for our customers only - ask your CSM to join!

For our customers only - Ask your CSM!