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A/B Testing: Top 30 campaigns from the best CRM teams

A/B Testing: Top 30 campaigns from the best CRM teams

How do the best CRM teams optimise A/B Testing?

39% of companies admit that they are unable to analyse their customer experience, making it difficult to optimise their offering (Source: Harvard Business Review).

At Batch, we're lucky enough to have CRM experts among our 400+ clients who work every day to continuously improve their campaigns and the customer experience of major international brands.

From onboarding experiences to conversion rate optimisation and re-engagement tactics, their CRM teams combine creativity, agility and a keen sense of analysis to build unique, high-performance customer journeys.

We have selected around thirty A/B campaigns tested in different ways (messages, images, deep links, use cases, etc.) by the biggest European B2C brands and brought them together in a single eBook:


Market insights from 200+ companies worldwide

Thanks to the Batch Data team's analysis, you will understand how Batch A/B clients have been A/B Testing their one-shot Campaigns and Automations on a daily basis over the last twelve months. You will identify:

  • their use cases' main drivers;

  • their favorite orchestration modes and channels;

  • the industries that make most use of A/B Testing.


A/B Testing every day: 30+ best practices to embrace

More than twenty companies from various sectors (retail, media, hospitality, transport, etc.) A/B test these high value-added use cases on a daily basis:

  • Welcome cycle: continuous improvement of the onboarding experience, maximising application adoption, account creation, etc.;

  • Conversion rate optimisation: special offers, abandoned carts, wishlists or products viewed, upsells, etc.;

  • Retention tactics: re-engagement campaigns, loyalty programmes, product pre-launches, anniversaries, content curation, etc.

All these specific use cases are accompanied by pragmatic pieces of advice from our CRM expert, Claire Maillon, Customer Success Manager at Batch, who helps many of Europe's leading companies develop and implement their customer engagement strategies.

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What you will find in this eBook

  • Break down the benefits of A/B Testing. In terms of ROI, productivity, customer experience, brand image and customer knowledge.

  • Benchmarks and market insights. Analysis of the last twelve months by use cases, orchestration methods, CRM channels, and industries.

  • Case studies: best practices to remember. Claire Maillon, Customer Success Manager at Batch and CRM expert, shares all the best practices she has been compiling from her daily work with her Batch customers.

  • Discover the latest A/B Testing innovations at Batch. A/B Testing of images, deeplinks or In-app messages, etc. Your experimentation horizons are expanding! Like more than 60+ Batch customers in less than two months since the product releases, you will adopt them without delay.

Everything you need to know is in this eBook !


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