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Case Study

Omnichannel strategy: how did FizzUp centralise all its customer data and CRM channels with Batch to optimise its 360° customer retention?

Omnichannel strategy: how did FizzUp centralise all its customer data and CRM channels with Batch to optimise its 360° customer retention?

Who is FizzUp ?

FizzUp is the most downloaded fitness app in France, and one of the most awarded French digital startups. The company's mission is to help its users live better through sport.

Fizz Up in figures:

  • More than 10M users;

  • An application used in over 130 countries and translated into 12 languages;

  • 1.5 M email subscribers

  • 2.1M omnichannel profiles in the Batch platform.

Executing omnichannel strategy to maximise customer lifetime value and retention

To accelerate their go-to-market and increase revenue, the FizzUp teams have to adress three business goals:

  • Maximising user adoption and loyalty: retaining their existing customer base by engaging with their community, optimising the repeat use of FizzUp and ensuring that churn rates remain low.

  • Data-centric approach: centralising all the data to improve customer knowledge, personalise CRM scenarios and control marketing pressure.

  • Delivering an omnichannel customer experience: pushing the cross-platform journey even further to offer their users a cohesive product, usable on any platform or device.

"To maximise our users’ engagement, we need to customise the CRM scenario according to their preferences and actions. This implies refraining from inundating them with emails if they are not very keen to them, ensuring the delivery of crucial information, and abstaining from dispatching the information twice through push notifications and emails if the user has already read the push notification."
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Kirsty HOOD

Omnichannel strategy execution: why did FizzUp choose Batch?

Before successfully migrating all their customer data and CRM channels in the Batch solution, the FizzUp team had several key criteria for choosing their 360 customer engagement platform:

  • Omnichannel data and CRM channel capabilities that would allow them to centralise all their customer data and easily combine their CRM channels (email, push app, and in-app messaging) for personalised scenarios.

  • CRM productivity through the UX of the CRM platform and its dashboards.

  • The reliability and responsiveness of the CRM solution's support teams, as they had lost confidence in their previous solution.

  • Data migration and technical implementation of the email channel: to ensure that the transition to the new omnichannel solution was completely transparent to their end users, with no service interruption and no loss of deliverability.

This business case shows how Batch Solution's technology and CRM expertise met these criteria. Here is one of them:

In terms of usability, I really like the Batch platform. I find it much easier than the one I had at Emarsys because I have everything in the same place. Before, with our previous solution, I had to go to another tab to do the segments and another tab to send the email, which was a bit more complicated. With Batch, I like having all the information in one place, I can find it really quickly, it's really user-friendly.
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Digital Marketing Manager

What you will find in this bussiness case

By downloading this FizzUp x Batch business case, you will discover:

  • The differentiators of the Batch solution: the main reasons why FizzUp chose Batch as its omnichannel solution;

  • How to successfully complete the data migration and technical implementation process: FizzUp's technical team successfully migrated the data and implemented the email channel on the Batch platform in just seven weeks;

  • CRM 360° use cases deployed on a daily basis: what are FizzUp's main use cases with Batch for cross-channel scenarios, emails (campaigns, newsletters, automations) and their results in terms of deliverability and engagement rates.

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