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How ManoMano generated five times more mobile sales in 12 months to maximise profitability

How ManoMano generated five times more mobile sales in 12 months to maximise profitability

Discover behind-the-scenes information about ManoMano’s customer engagement strategy via a testimonial from Anaïs Lesueur, VP Customer & Strategic Marketing for ManoMano.

ManoMano: a bit of background information

Set up in France in 2013, ManoMano is the leading European online DIY, home and garden specialist. This scale-up now has over 1,000 employees and operates in six markets.

Alongside ManoMano, the group launched ManoManoPro - a service for construction professionals - in France in 2019.

The initial ambition of the founders was to deal with the following: ascertaining how to offer customers a relevant digital experience and a wide range of options that work well for DIY, a sector that requires a fair amount of support.

Very quickly, ManoMano based its business on the principle of a marketplace and today it is the largest DIY and garden marketplace in Europe with 16 million products and over 5,000 partner sellers!

ManoMano stats in 2023:

  • 1,000 employees: called “Manos and Manas”

  • 6 countries in Europe where ManoMano operates

  • 50 million visits to every month

  • 1/4 of construction workers in France are customers of the platform

Controlled growth and business model

ManoMano exceeded €1 billion in terms of volume of business in 2020 and has specialised in B2C since 2013, the date it was set up. However, since 2019, ManoMano has been branching out and is also targeting construction professionals.

“Our initial B2B target was small construction businesses, with fewer than five employees, getting by alone. These businesses have no sales manager so we really provide help, simplicity, time and money savings for their processes. This is a very important target for us, accounting for over 20% of our business”.
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VP Customer & Strategic Marketing

Main CRM Marketing challenges for ManoMano

Anaïs Lesueur, VP Customer & Strategic Marketing at ManoMano, shares the mobile-focused challenges of the ManoMano marketing team with us.

At the heart of the CRM strategy: B2C and B2B apps!

The aim is to create a purchasing experience that is structurally more effective on the app than the website.

“Our overall challenge is to improve the lifetime value of our customers in general and grow our free traffic. The main challenge for our team is to break free from this dependency on acquisition, and make sure we can engage and grow the value of our customers as soon as they enter our base. As such, our app is extremely important in our strategy. We invest more and more into it, to the extent that we are adapting our organisation based on this.”
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VP Customer & Strategic Marketing

How is that done?

To achieve the objective of promoting over the whole customer life-cycle whilst growing loyalty, customer knowledge and customisation of the offer, ManoMano has set up these types of campaign on the app:

  • Welcome cycle for all users

  • Account creation winback

  • Post-browsing

  • Abandoned cart

  • Order tracking

To find out about all the campaigns set up by ManoMano and the results, download this business case!

Download the Business Case