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Case Study

How's personalized campaigns have generated 42% more sales in just one year!

How's personalized campaigns have generated 42% more sales in just one year!

Maeva: the challenge of building customer loyalty is the newest subsidiary of the Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs group.

Created in 2014, it offers more than 50,000 accommodations in France and Spain. is 47,000 customers in 2022.

In the highly competitive tourism sector, is a young brand with challenges in terms of brand awareness and commitment, including: 

  • Build customer loyalty by individualizing the customer journey

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value 

  • Personalize customer interactions 

  • ...

" is a young brand with awareness issues and whose opt-in base is growing by the day. We have two strategic areas of loyalty building: individualizing our customers' journey on the one hand, and on the other hand, developing more relevant communications that will engage our base more and maximize their bookings."
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Amélie de Moliner
CRM & Marketing Manager

Omnichannel strategies and solutions implemented

In this case study, we'll explain how was able to increase its revenue with these hyper-personalized campaigns and its omnichannel approach: 

  • Voucher relaunch to re-engage 

  • Recovery of abandoned quotes to convert

  • Post-visit product page relaunch thanks to trigger campaigns

  • ... and many other hyper concrete use cases! 


The impact after 12 months of collaboration 

  • 153 personalized campaigns sent in 12 months 

  • 42% increase in sales between 2019 and 2022 

  • 220€ increase in average basket since 2019

"In one year of working with Batch, we've managed to get over 331k direct sales opt-ins for our B2C and B2B base. That's huge, considering our Email Opt-In Base stands at 181k registrations collected since's inception in 2014."
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Romane Dupé
CRM Projet Manager

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