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Case Study

How did BVG Jelbi successfully deploy its omnichannel strategy with Batch?

How did BVG Jelbi successfully deploy its omnichannel strategy with Batch?

BVG Jelbi : A challenging application launch in a limited time frame

Jelbi App is one of the four apps proposed by BVG to their users. BVG is the leading Berliner transport company with more than 1,2M yearly commuters. The application was created in 2019 and it is mainly used for One-Stop-Shop.

BVG have a differents challenges bylaunching its application Jelbi in a limited time frame and to position it directly as different from what is present on the market : 


But how to meet these challenges ? 

By personalizing messages and optimizing targeting, categorization, content and campaign timing.

Strategies and solutions implemented

In this case study, we'll explain how BVG was able to increase its MAU with these relevant campaigns : 

  • Welcome Sequence

  • Upsell offers

  • Churn prevention scenarios

  • ... and many other hyper concrete use cases! 

The impact after 12 months of collaboration 

  • +435 personalized campaigns

  • 17,6k Monthly Active Users

  • 32k Opt-In Users

  • 72% Average Opt-In 

And it have an impact on marketing productivity : 

“When I think about Batch, the first words that come to my mind are simple and easy to use. Besides working with my Batch Customer Success Manager in refining use cases and CRM strategies, operating their intuitive and pleasant dashboard everyday is helpful when as CRM Team of one, I need to collect real-time customer insights and simultaneously orchestrate hundreds of personalized campaigns.“
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CRM Manager
BVG Jelbi

In this case study, discover how BVG Jelbi successfully deployed an effective strategy, from the implementation to campaign management, with autonomous CRM teams.

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