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Case Study

How Le Monde grows its paid Subscribers thanks to Batch ?

How Le Monde grows its paid Subscribers thanks to Batch ?

Le Monde: the challenge of the digital transformation

Le Monde is the most iconic french media group

Created in 1944, it counts more than 540k+ paid subscribers and 20M+ monthly readers.

In the massive media sector, Le Monde is a leader with challenges, including: 

  • Accelerate digital transformation

  • Deliver native, in-the-moment user experiences

  • Tackle the challenges of scale

  • ...

"We’re constantly trying to improve the customer journey and influence subscriber conversion, which means be able to listen, understand and act upon key moments in a highly personalized fashion."
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Guillaume LE COQ
CRM Manager
Le Monde Group

Strategies and solutions implemented

In this case study, we'll explain how Le Monde Group was able to increase its paid audeince with these relevant campaigns and its real-time approach: 

  • Welcome Sequence

  • Opt-out Win-Back

  • Exclusive, Time-sensitive Offers

  • ... and many other hyper concrete use cases! 


The impact after 12 months of collaboration 

  • 240M visits on Le Monde website

  • 42% opt-in rate on Android (vs 65% in Media industry)

  • 51% opt-in rate on iOS (vs 45% in Media industry)

"Batch is an essential asset to our audience engagement new subscribers’ acquisition growth efforts. The platform is technically reliable, simple, intuitive, open and scalable—and supported by a nice, customer-centric team!"
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Head of CRM
Le Monde Group

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