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Case Study

How Lancôme achieved +320% Opt-In Web Push growth in 3 months

How Lancôme achieved +320% Opt-In Web Push growth in 3 months

Lancôme: a global brand and digital leader

Lancôme is part of the L’Oréal Luxe division, a global powerhouse in luxury cosmetics.

The Lancôme brand was founded in 1935 with the aim of making women even more beautiful every day with innovative cosmetics. is a leader in digital marketing in France and worldwide and its e-commerce website, L'Oréal Luxe France, is now the number 1 website. 

Ania Fattal (CRM Manager France, Lancôme) and Guillaume Thibault (CRM Consultant, Lancôme) explain Lancôme’s main 360° (re-)engagement challenges in this business case and the role Batch’s solution and its value in their CRM strategy.

Lancôme’s main 360° engagement challenges

  • Boosting traffic and conversion of the site by developing the audience of the Web Push channel recruiting a qualified active base and optimising conversion rates;

  • Build customer loyalty on a large scale by continuously improving customer experience, retention and enhancing personalisation;

  • Optimising the complementarity of the various levers

Batch is used by the teams as a lever for recruitment, animation and customer activation, complementing the other channels used by the brand.

"In our 360° vision, our objective is to be able to re-optinize people who are on the newsletters but who are not opted-in, SMS, etc. We really want to push from one channel to another."
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CRM Manager France

CRM strategies and inital results

Batch's Trigger campaigns: discover how automated personalization led to massive re-engagement of Lancôme customers in just 3 months:

  • +320% growth in Web Push opt-ins

  • A Web Push Opt-In Rate of 12% (vs. 5.6% of the cosmetics and luxury industry benchmark)

  • 3.6% of traffic generated by Batch campaigns (including a +60% increase between September 2022 and January 2023)

"We went from 5,000 to almost 20,000 people in three months, which is 320% growth in opt-ins. We were able to capitalise on our Black Friday effect, where we increased our Batch opt-in rate twofold.
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Guillaume THIBAULT
CRM Consultant

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