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Business Case - Healthcare

How Kaia Health leverages Omnichannel Customer Engagement to accelerate its Go-To-Market Strategy

How Kaia Health leverages Omnichannel Customer Engagement  to accelerate its Go-To-Market Strategy

Introducing Kaia Health

Kaia Health is the world’s largest digital therapeutics company with a global mission: making effective therapy accessible to patients anywhere and at any time!

Kaia Health in figures:

  • 60 M+ lives covered

  • 500k+ users worldwide

  • 300+ organizations offer Kaia to their employees

  • 2 DiGAs available to publicly insured back pain and COPD patients

European Expansion strategy: differentiating in a highly constrained market environment

  1. Meeting patients’ new needs and usages at the post-Covid era.

  2. Game-changing Market opportunity. Digital Therapies can be fully reimbursed in Germany

  3. Healthcare regulation prohibits users data processing in the USA. Kaia ensures customers’ private data stays in the E.U.

Digital therapies will be the go-to therapy for chronic disease patients for one simple reason: chronic disease patients need long-term solutions, and this is not taking medication, but having a daily, active therapy available through a digital interface.
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Konstantin MEHL
Co-founder & CEO
Kaia Health

Kaia Health’s Top 3 CRM Challenges

  1. Constantly grow the Global Userbase across all CRM channels

  2. Consistent data-centric approach to optimize segmentation and real-time 

  3. Maximize recurrence of use via relevant customer cycles

We're driving a whole bunch of traffic to our website from different types of campaigns. So we've been in an influx of people every day and we want to make sure we can continue to talk to them using CRM. It's a combination of notifications, emailing, In-app messages, etc. to make sure that they know about us, that they come back when they need us.
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VP of Marketing
Kaia Health

Omnichannel Strategy & Execution: why Kaia Health chose Batch

  • Reason #1: Omnichannel capacity, with all the data in one place to deploy real-time personalized journeys

With Batch platform’s general capacity, we have all the data in one place. This was a big selling point for us: we do not only have mobile notifications in the system but also email. From a user perspective, we can be holistic and make sure people receive relevant information when they need it.
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VP of Marketing
Kaia Health
  • Reason #2: EU Enterprise-ready solution that meets Healthcare’s very strict data privacy compliance 

  • Reason #3: CRM Expertise on both business and technical side, from implementation to daily run 

Kaia Health’s Omnichannel Vision

The Digital Therapy Client Lifecycles:


To accelerate their international Go-To-Market strategy, Kaia Health has different omnichannel scenarios: Activation, Engagement and Retention.

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