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Connect Batch to Zeotap

Zeotap facilitates the centralized management and utilization of customer information for enhanced marketing and business insights.

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What is ZeoTap ?

Zeotap is a leading brand that offers an easy, secure, and impactful Customer Data Platform (CDP) to deliver personalized customer experiences. With the Zeotap CDP, businesses can gain a 360-degree view of their customers and unlock valuable insights.

The ZeoTap value

By leveraging Zeotap's platform, businesses gain the ability to unlock the full potential of customer data, driving improved results and realizing their desired business outcomes. The comprehensive suite of features and strategic partnerships underscores Zeotap's dedication to facilitating effective data management and utilization for businesses across various sectors.

Zeotap caters to a diverse range of industries, including Telco and Media, Retail & Ecommerce, Financial Services, Sports & Entertainment, and Automotive.
Within their comprehensive platform, Zeotap offers a variety of modules, namely Integrate, Unify, Segment, Orchestrate, Analyze, and Protect. These modules empower brands to efficiently manage their customer data. The Zeotap Customer Data Platform (CDP) boasts essential features such as Customer 360 View, Predictive Audiences, Omnichannel Journey, Consent Orchestration, and adherence to Privacy & GDPR compliance.

One noteworthy aspect of Zeotap is its strategic collaborations with industry leaders such as Google Cloud. Additionally, Zeotap has cultivated an extensive partner network, further enhancing its capabilities and reach.

Why should you connect ZeoTap ?

This integration enables you to send audiences to Batch, enabling you to use these audiences directly within the Batch dashboard.

You can easily retarget these audiences with a push or an In-App campaign.