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Connect Batch to Woosmap

Trigger push notifications at the right time & in the right place

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What is Woosmap?

Woosmap is a unique combination of search, map, distance calculation and background location-detection APIs and SDKs. 

Fuel your Batch segmentation data with rich location context information to boost your notification campaigns.

Woosmap's solutions are based on proprietary data sourcing and do not collect any personal data.


Why connecting Batch with Woosmap?

For three main reasons: unlimited geofences, privacy-by-design tools and battery-friendly integration!

Improve your ROI with custom push notifications

Connecting Batch & Woosmap ensure that your campaigns are triggered at the right time and in the right place. 

Woosmap Geofencing SDK automatically generates and monitors geofences areas of interest to contextualise and enrich your push notifications.

Take advantage of unlimited events based on:

  • Distance-based geofences (radius, polygons)

  • Time-based geofences (ETAs, isochrone polygons)

  • Recurrent geofences (tracking home/work)

Various tracking profiles to optimise battery consumption

Woosmap SDK offers a range of tracking profiles, making it possible to strike a balance between collection frequency and battery efficiency, depending on your usage:

  • “Passive” tracking for use in geomarketing,

  • “Visit” tracking for detecting users’ recurrent locations,

  • “Live” tracking for curbside pick-up or delivery usage,

  • “Custom” tracking for collecting locations at a customised frequency.