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Connect Batch to Tinyclues

Reinvent your campaign targeting and planning with AI.

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What is Tinyclues?

Tinyclues' CRM Business Intelligence solution uses deep learning to identify and inform future buyers of any offer, in the days following a campaign. It offers a unique campaign experience, based on artificial intelligence. Marketers directly input their CRM campaign ideas and business goals and, in minutes, develop the best course of action using crm's artificial intelligence. 

Tinyclues' strengths: The power of CRM and artificial intelligence 

  •  Identifying the best audiences to target

  •  Optimizing your multichannel CRM strategy

  •  Insights into your audiences before and after your campaigns are sent

 Business performance monitoring (data sources, statistical analysis of stored data, real-time dashboards, etc.)


Why should you connect Batch to Tinyclues?

Leverage targeting and campaign planning based on Artificial Intelligence.

This connector allows you to use Tinyclues' machine learning-powered software targeting directly as a Custom Audience in your Batch campaigns.

As a result, the opening and retention rate in your campaigns increases significantly in your mobile app. Real-time data analysis allows you to make it easier to make decisions about your future marketing actions. 

Use case: Batch x Tinyclues

Sending Tinyclues segments
Find your Tinyclues segments within your Batch campaigns, to include or exclude them from your targeting. Batch in turn enriches Tinyclues with mobile and reporting data.


Sending of push campaigns

Send simple notifications to your Tinyclues segments directly from the Tinyclues dashboard.

Dedicated support from the Batch teams

Special Batch follow-up

A Solutions Engineer accompanies you throughout the integration process to help you generate performance quickly.

Doubled by TinyClues tracking

A Tinyclues contact person technically accompanies you during the implementation of the connector.  

Support via call, email and live chat

The Batch teams remain available and active to accompany you on a daily basis on the Batch dashboard.

Batch with Tinyclues!