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Connect Batch to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Integrate Batch push notification in your multichannel journeys.

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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

With CRM Salesforce software, you can leverage the wealth of customer data to create, coordinate and deploy dynamic campaigns on all channels: email, mobiles, via off-line channels, and more.

Implement cross-channel campaigns that make sense to your customers, wherever and whenever they want, with Salesforce’s comprehensive marketing automation platform.

Connect data from multiple sources and devices to get a unified view of your customer and provide impeccable customer service.

Capture and activate primary, secondary and third-party data to learn about your customers and drive growth by reaching new audience segments

Many of our customers have obtained native integration of Batch in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We have therefore developed a connection with Salesforce. 

The strengths of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  •  Powerful email marketing module

  • Customisable solution

  • Unified customer journey management

  • Omnichannel automation

Discover its features in this video

Why connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the Batch platform?

The advantages of connecting with Batch

  •  Advanced mobile push management

  • Advanced In-App message management

  • Advanced web push management

  • Support for high-traffic apps & sites

  • SDKs cross platform (web & mobile)

  • Dedicated marketing support

Two complementary solutions

Push is a default anonymous channel. When an anonymous visitor logs into an account, they become an identified contact.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a functional scope limited to contacts identified to recognise the same user on different channels. This is the tool to use for your omnichannel scenarios.

The Customer Engagement Platform Batch can target your identified and unidentified database. Use it for all your mobile / web engagement scenarios.

With this connector, you can directly add Batch push notifications to your CRM strategy via the famous Journey Builder of the Salesforce CRM solution.

89% of customers are loyal to companies with an omnichannel engagement strategy. Ensure the success of your CRM strategy across all media by engaging your users across all available channels and tailoring your message to the platform with which you engage them.


Managing contacts in your mobile CRM

If you want to keep certain campaigns on the Batch dashboard with Salesforce segmentation, data extensions built on Salesforce can be transferred to Batch as Custom Audiences.

Custom Audiences are available as segmentation criteria in your standard Batch targeting  

Customer Relationship Management: leverage Batch data in Salesforce

Batch will provide the Salesforce Marketing Cloud user with native and updated data (such as the push option attribute) for accessibility purposes. Notification response data will also be available in Salesforce Journeys for your campaign automation needs.

Dedicated support from Batch

A Batch Solutions Engineer dedicated to integration

  • Business & technical workshops, ad hoc or recurrent, via video call or in person.

  •  From the kick-off to the delivery of the connector, a dedicated Batch Solutions Engineer supports you all the way.

A specialized Salesforce integrator

Texeï, a Silver Salesforce partner, actively supports you during the integration of the connector. Texeï is a consulting and technical expertise firm exclusively dedicated to Salesforce application platforms.

Responsive support on a daily basis

• Live-chat exchanges with our support teams, with a satisfaction rate >95%.

• Average response time of less than 3 minutes and >96% of tickets resolved within an hour.