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What is Purchasely?

Purchasely is the only In-App Subscription SaaS platform from build to interface, compliant with mobile, TV, and App Store guidelines. Purchasely gives Marketers full control and ease to increase and retain cross-channel subscribers — in days instead of weeks.

Mobile Marketers can choose Paywall templates to manage and personalize subscription flows, run A/B tests, offer codes, groups, and special offers. And with just four lines of code and a two-step integration, Purchasely frees up developers’ time and talents for their products. 

Thanks to Puchasely, Subscription Apps may :

  • enable multi-channel activation / upsell / retention / win back automation thanks to Purchasely granular subscriber data and API integrations with mobile engagement solutions such as Batch-;

  • continuously optimize subscription and retention flows via Purchasely no-code conversion optimizer (native paywall builder, price and UI A/B testing tool, automatic segmentation of paywalls) ;

  • get a thorough and real-time understanding of the In-App subscription business, thanks to live data, dashboards, and integrations with analytics and attribution tools.


Why should you connect with Purchasely?

Purchasely provides 30+ subscription events that are available along the end-to-end subscription cycle from the 1st purchase to the churn moment. They bring a deep and real-time understanding of each subscriber’s journey as Purchasely collects and unifies these events across the different stores (Apple, Google, Amazon, Huawei).

This unique dataset may be activated within Batch to trigger powerful automations to improve the lifetime value of each subscriber. The integration of Purchasely and Batch enables marketers to use the 30+ subscription events as segmentation criteria within Batch to deploy 4 main business cases :

  1. showing the benefits of the subscription service to each new subscriber to stimulate its retention and to improve the perceived value

  2. upselling loyal subscribers to higher pricing plans

  3. reactivating subscribers with billing users and reducing involuntary churn

  4. displaying win-back offers at the right time when the subscriber decides to cancel his subscription.