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Connect Batch to Notify

Push your campaigns when users have eyes on their smartphones.

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What is Notify?

Notify revolutionizes customer experience marketing with real-time and artificial intelligence.

Its innovative Best Time solution allows B to C brands to increase their visibility by 50% on average and their conversion rate by 30%, by addressing their targets at the right time: when they are connected and therefore available. The Notify solution solves the increasing invisibility of the messages faced by marketing departments as, according to an Experians study, 81% of brand messages are neither read nor heard.

This proprietary technology, designed by CTO and co-founder of Notify during his PhD at Harvard, is based on artificial intelligence and real-time. It is available in e-mailings, push notifications and outgoing phone calls.

Why should you connect Notify?

Send your push campaign at the right time

Using the Notify Push feature, smartphone users will receive your push notifications when they are actually browsing their smartphones and have their eyes on it. No campaign will remain forgotten in your users’ notification center anymore.